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Born Jason Conrad Hawes on the 27th December 1971, in Canandaigua, New York State USA, he is a paranormal investigator, author, and television host, perhaps best known to the world as the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, and as a part of the TV series “Ghost Hunters”, which airs on SyFy. His career has been active since 1990.

Have you ever wondered how rich Jason Hawes is, as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Hawes` net worth is as high as $1.5 million, acquired through his successful, varied career.

Jason Hawes Net Worth $1.5 Million

Although born in Canandaigua, Jason moved to Warwick, Rhode Island with his family when he was eight years old, and went to Warwick High School. His interest in the paranormal began as early as 1990, when he formed the Rhode Island Paranormal Society, which operated as a support group for people who had – or thought they had – experienced paranormal events. A year later he founded The Atlantic Paranormal Society, alongside Grant Wilson, and since then their popularity has only gone upwards, and so has Jason`s net worth. As early as 2004, their association featured in the reality TV series entitled “Ghost Hunters” (2004-2016), and since then has been on air on the SyFy channel, becoming one of the channel`s most popular and longest-running shows, which has certainly helped increase further Jason`s net worth.

Apart from the “Ghost Hunters”, Jason has appeared in such shows as “Ghost Hunters International” (2008-2009), “Ghost Hunters Academy” (2009-2010), and “Destination Truth” (2009-2010), which have also boosted his net worth.

Jason`s net worth has also increased from his ownership of the Spalding Inn, in Whitefield, New Hampshire with his friend and colleague Grant Wilson, and also selling the inn, in 2014.

Furthermore, Jason and Grant work as a plumbers for the Roto-Rooter Company, a plumbing and water clean-up organisation which has also increased his net worth.

He has proven quite successful as an author too; he has co-written six books, “Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society” (2007), with Wilson and Michael Jan Friedman; “Seeking Spirits: The Lost Cases of The Atlantic Paranormal Society” (2009), again with the same helpers; “Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown” (2010), with Dokey Cameron and Wilson, and its sequel “Ghost Hunt 2: MORE Chilling Tales of the Unknown” (2011). In 2011 two more books came out, “Ghost Trackers: A Novel”, and “Ghost Files: The Collected Cases from Ghost Hunting and Seeking Spirits”, and in 2012 came out his latest book “Ghost Town: A Novel”, all of which have contributed to an increase in his net worth.

Regarding his personal life, as his work is quite exciting, his personal life is no different. He was a victim of a false e-mail threat; a person named Barry Clinton Eckstrom started sending threatening emails under Jason`s name to people of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, especially women, writing how he was going to rape them and murder them. Furthermore, Jason also began to receive those emails, and had to alert the FBI. All ended well for Jason, as Eckstrom was arrested, actually in the act of sending threatening emails to then President Bush, and sentenced to two years in prison.

When it comes to his love life, Jason has been married to Kristen Cornell since 1998, with whom he has five children.

Jason is also known for his philanthropic activities; he often uses public ghost-hunting events to raise money for child hospital centers, including Shriners Hospitals for Children, and the organization Cure Kids Cancer.

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