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August 29, 2023
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Jang Dong-gun was born on the 7th March 1972, in Yongsan-gu District, Seoul, South Korea. He is a South-Korean actor, best known to the world for his leading roles in one of the most popular Korean movies, named “Friend”, and in the drama movie entitled “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War”, which is about war in Korea. He is also recognized as a singer. Jang’s career in the entertainment industry has been active since 1992.

Have you ever wondered how rich is Jang Dong-gun as of early 2016? According to sources, it is estimated that the overall size of Jang Dong-gun’s net worth is currently over $15 million, earned through his acting career. This amount of money makes him one of the highest paid actors in Korea.

Jang Dong-gun Net Worth $15 Million

Jang Dong-gun grew up in Seoul. He was a student at the College of Drama, Korea National University of Arts, but according to sources from college, he didn’t graduate. Anyway, he was very talented in acting, so his career soon began with an appearance in a talent competition in 1992, when he introduced himself to the entertainment world. Soon he gained the attention of agents and producers, and in 1993 he was cast in a couple of TV series, “Our Heaven” and “Iljmae”, which propelled him further into the acting world. The next year, Jang was featured in the series ‘The Last Match”, which increased his net worth by a large amount, as the series was highly popular in its country of origin.

In 1997, Jang made his film debut in the film “Paejabuhwaljeon” playing Min-gyu, alongside Kim Hee-sun. Soon Jang became one of the most sought Korean actors, appearing in numerous TV and film titles, increasing his popularity and net worth as well. In 1998 he appeared in the film “First Kiss” and the TV series “Ready Go!”. Before the 2000s Jang appeared in “Love Wind Love Song” (1999), and in the highly acclaimed role of the young Detective Kim in the film “Nowhere To Go “.

In 2001, Jang was cast in the critically acclaimed film “Friend”directed by Kyung-Taek Kwak, in the leading role of Lee Han Dong-sun. This film became the highest grossing Korean film, and it certainly increased Jang’s net worth. His next big role was his 2004 appearance in Je-kyu Kang’s drama film “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War”, recounting the story of brothers forced to fight in the Korean War, which again broke Korean box office records. The next year, Jang appeared in another high-profile film, entitled “The Promise”, which featured the Hong Kong star actress Cecilia Cheung.

In 2010, Jang made his Hollywood debut, in the role of Yang in the film “The Warriors Way”, which featured Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush.

His latest accomplishments in the entertainment industry include his appearance in the film “Dangerous Liaisons” (2012), again with Cecilia Cheung; he also appeared in the TV series “A Gentleman’s Dignity” (2012). Furthermore, in 2014, Jang was one of the lead characters in the film “No Tears For The Dead”, which also contributed to his net worth.

Overall, Jang is clearly one of the more acclaimed Korean actors, appearing in over 30 film and TV titles, for which he has earned several prestigious awards, including the Best New Actor for his work on TV series “The Last Match”, and Best Actor for the film “Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War”. He also won the Ten Star Award in 2012, for starring in the TV series “A Gentleman’s Dignity”.

When it comes to Jang Dong-gun’s personal life, he married Ko So Young, a model and actress, on the 2nd May in 2010, and they have a son and a daughter. Jang is very religious man; he is a Buddhist. In his free time, Jang enjoy playing baseball, and he is a member of “Playboys”, the team whose members are celebrities.

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