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February 5, 2023
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Jamie Laing was born on the 3rd November 1988, in Oxford England, to parents Nicholas and Penny, and is a reality TV star, and entrepreneur, probably best known to the wider world for appearing in the reality TV show “Made in Chelsea”, while also starting a confectionery company Candy Kittens.

Have you ever wondered how rich Jamie Laing is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Laing’s net worth is as high as $10 million, an amount earned through his successful careers, basically over the last 10 years.

Jamie Laing Net Worth $10 Million

Jaime’s ancestral claim to fame is that he is a descendant of one of the employees of the food company McVitie’s, Alexander Grant, who was the responsible for creating the digestive biscuit, and young Alexander later was rewarded for his efforts with a stake in the company – Jamie is now apparently the heir to McVitie’s.There are few details about Jamie’s early years, but he was educated at Radley College, an independent boys boarding school in Oxfordshire, prior to enrolling at Leeds University, where he studied theater and performing arts. Though, it His studies at the Leeds University were only short-term as he didn’t like the subject and decided to quit. Instead, he joined the cast of the “Made in Chelsea” in 2011, and since then has been on the show, which largely increased his wealth.

The show, which has been described as “…a structured-reality television series…”, depicts young socialites living independently in the London suburb, and has aired since 2011. While in the show, Jamie came up with the idea of starting a fashionable confectionery company, with items aimed at an age group older than teenagers, subsequently named Candy Kittens, apparently inspired by his then girlfriend Lucy Watson. He started a crowdfunding event to bankroll the company, based in the neighbouring suburb of Fulham, and within a year he had a turnover of £700,000. According to sources, this amount will be nearly quadrupled next year as it is expected that the turnover would be around £2.5 million.

He continues to improve and develop his business, and is also expecting to inherit the whole McVitie’s kingdom some day, which will also add to his net worth.

Regarding his personal life, Jamie has become known for his relationships; he dated several women throughout the “Made in Chelsea” show, including Tara Keeney, Louise Thompson, Naz Gharai, Alexandra ‘Brinky’ Felstead, and Jess Woodley, among other. However, he is apparently still single.

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