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November 22, 2023
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James Dyson at the top of the Royal College of Arts new building in Battersea for the topping out ceremony.

Sir James Dyson is an inventor and industrial designer, born on 2nd of May 1947 in Cromer, Norfolk, United Kingdom. He is best known as the founder of the Dyson company, and for inventing the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner.

Have you ever wondered how rich James Dyson is? According to sources it has been estimated that James Dyson’s overall net worth is $5.3 billion, as of mid-2016, acquired by his successful commercial inventions, including the bagless vacuum cleaner. As a founder of the Dyson Ltd. Technology company, his net worth significantly increased. Since he is still an active entrepreneur, his net worth continues to grow.

James Dyson Net Worth $5.3 Billion

James was born one of the three children in the Dyson family. He attended Gresham’s School, where apart from academics he excelled at long distance running. He then attended the Byam Shaw School of Art for a year and went on to study interior design at the Royal College of Art before moving to engineering. While studying at his first college, James helped in designing the Sea Truck in 1970. However, his first original invention was a modified version of a wheelbarrow called the “Ballbarrow”, which used a ball instead of a wheel; his invention was featured on “Tomorrow’s World” television programme. Soon after, he invented the “Trolleyball” and the “Wheelboat”. His net worth was already well established.

The Idea for the invention which made Dyson what he is today, came in the late ‘70s. Dyson thought of using cyclonic separation to create a vacuum cleaner which wouldn’t lose suction while picking up dirt. After five years of different prototypes, with the financial help of his wife’s art teacher’s salary, Dyson launched his “G-force” cleaner in 1983. The problem was that no distributor or manufacturer in the UK would accept his product as it would entirely replace the usage of dust bags, which were a valuable market. He then turned to Japan and launched his product through catalogue sales.

Years later, James obtained his first US patent on the idea, and won the 1991 International Design Fair Prize in Japan. Due to his experience with major manufacturers who wouldn’t buy his invention, Dyson decided to establish his own company, Dyson Ltd, and opened his factory and research centre in 1993. Despite the success of his product in other countries, Dyson’s breakthrough in the UK market came many years later, through a TV advertisement, and the Dyson Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner became the fastest-seller ever in the UK, and by 2005 the company had also become the market leader in the United States by value. His net worth was growing substantially.

James also introduced his “360 Eye” robotic vacuum cleaner in Tokyo in 2014, a further expansion in business and net worth.

When it comes to his other inventions, they include the “Contra Rotator” washing machine,“Wrong Garden”, “Airblade” hand dryer, “Air Multiplier” fan without external blades, and “Dyson Supersonic” hair dryer.

Dyson is an acknowledged superlative inventor and entrepreneur, who has been awarded The Prince Philip Designers Prize, the Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Award and received an Honorary Deng degree from the University of Bath. Apart from this he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2005 and appointed a Knight Bachelor in the 2007 New Year Honours.

When it comes to his private life, James has been married to Deirdre Dyson since 1968, and the couple have three children.

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