Ian Ziering Net Worth


Ian Ziering's Net Worth as of 2024
$8 Million

Ian Ziering (EYE-an Ziering, as he pronounces his name) is a famous American actor who has an estimated net worth of $8 million, and this amount of money makes him one of richer actors and TV producers in the United States of America. Ian Ziering was born on March 30th, 1964. He grew up with two older brothers Barry and Jeff in West Orange, New Jersey. Ian was a West Orange High School student until 1982 and later studied in William Patterson University. Unlike many other famous celebrities, Ian didn’t make his first steps in his acting career on TV. He appeared in the show-business world thanks to his mother, and was first noticed when he operated as a radio DJ when he was a 12-year-old boy.

Ian Ziering Net Worth $8 Million

Later Ian Ziering appeared in several Hollywood films after his agent recommended them to him. He became successful and well-known to audiences when he was dancing in the TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with his partner Cheryl Burke.

During his acting career he has made many notable appearances in TV shows. He appeared in “What I Like about You”, “JAG”, “Guiding Light” and “The Doctors”, but the biggest part of his net worth was accumulated in the years 1990-2000 when he appeared as Steve in the famous TV series “Beverly Hills 90210”. Ian Ziering even had a role in a space trading and combat simulation video game called “Freelancer”, and was the protagonist of Edison Trent, the main game character.

One more important source of Ian Ziering’s capital  is voice acting. He is mostly known for voicing the “Biker Mice from Mars” character Vinnie. As a talented voice actor he also played several voices in “The Migthy Ducks” in 1996.

On July 4th 1997 Ian Ziering married Nikki Schiler, but the couple wasn’t happy and divorced in 2002 because of “incompatible disagreements”.Then Ian was single for seven years until in 2011 the actor met a nurse Erin Kristine Ludwig and married her in 2012. On April 25th  their first child – Mia Loren Ziering. – was born. In 2013 Ian Ziering could boast of another child – a girl Penna Mae Ziering.

Today Ian lives with his wife and enjoys his favourite longtime hobby – directing short films. He continues his career as an actor, and since 2010 has more often appeared in movies, not only TV shows. He has played Mr. Brooks from “McKenna Shoots for the Stars”, TV Donny Berger from “That’s My Boy” in 2012, and also played Fin in the successful movie “Sharknado”, released in 2013. During his great acting phase, Ziering has appeared in more than 20 different movies between 1981 and 2013. As a TV star we have known him since 1981, when he played Erich Aldrich in “The Doctors”. After “The Doctors” Ian played in 26 more shows, including his work as voice actor. His last notable appearance was as the support group leader in the “Happily Divorced” episode “Spousal Support”.

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