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July 18, 2023
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Howard Robard Hughes Jr., simply known as Howard Hughes, was a famous American film producer and director, entrepreneur, philanthropist, engineer, as well as a pilot. In the 20th century, Howard Hughes was considered to be one of the richest people in the whole world. Hughes rose to prominence in 1920s, when he produced such films as “Scarface”, which later served as a basis for Brian De Palma’s movie of the same name, “The Outlaw” with Jane Russell, and a war film called “Hell’s Angels” starring Ben Lyon and James Hall, among many others.

Howard Hughes Net Worth $4 Billion

In addition to being a film producer, Howard Hughes also excelled as a skillful pilot, who set numerous air speed records, and contributed to manufacturing such racing aircraft as the “H-4 Hercules” and “Hughes H-1 Racer”, both of which were developed by “Hughes Aircraft Company”. Hughes established “Hughes Aircraft Company” in 1932, as an aerospace and defense contractor, known for producing various aircrafts, missiles and probes.

“Hughes Aircraft Company” was not Hughes’ only business venture. In 1948, Hughes took control of the “Radio-Keith-Orpheum Pictures” company, often shortened to “RKO”, which specialized in film production and distribution. Hughes’ management of the company brought it to a total standstill and even decline, and it was later purchased from him by the “General Tire and Rubber” company.

In 1953, Howard Hughes founded the “Howard Hughes Medical Institute”, a non-profit medical research organization, which focuses on the research of genetics, immunology and molecular biology.

A well-known entrepreneur and a film director, how rich is Howard Hughes? According to sources, Howard Hughes’ net worth is estimated to be $4 billion, undoubtedly most of which came from his business ventures.

Howard Hughes was born in 1905, in Humble, Texas. Ever since his childhood, Hughes had been interested in technology, which later in life inspired him to establish a medical research center and a company that manufactured aircraft. Initially, Hughes enrolled in Rice University, yet he dropped his studies and decided to pursue a career in filmmaking instead. Some of his first films, namely “Two Arabian Knights” and “Everybody’s Acting” proved to be commercially profitable and even brought him an Academy Award in the category of Best Director. The majority of Hughes’ movies, including “Hell’s Angels”, “The Front Page” and “The Racket” brought him various nominations and awards, and turned out to be financially successful.

When Hughes established himself as a skilled filmmaker, he decided to venture into business. Among his many companies was “The Howard Hughes Corporation”, a company which dealt with the development and management of real estate. Howard Hughes also took over the “Hughes Tool Company”, which was founded by his father Howard R. Hughes Sr. in 1908. In 1972, Hughes agreed to work with the CIA in a secret operation called “USNS Hughes Glomar Explorer”, the main aim of which was to retrieve a Soviet submarine K-129, which sunk in 1968. The secret operation was also known as “Project Azorian”.

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