How old is Sophie Fergi? Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Net Worth, Wiki


Who is Sophie Fergi?

Sophie Fergi is an American YouTube star and actress, probably best known to the world for uploading challenge and daily vlog videos on her official YouTube channel, but also as Goth Girl in the TV comedy series “Mani” (2017-2019), among other achievements in her young but successful career.

How Old is Sophie Fergie? Real Name, Childhood, and Education

Born Sophia Ferguson on 4 July 2007 under the Cancer zodiac sign, in Los Angeles, California USA, which makes her 14 years old.

Her mother is Heather Nicole, who is also her manager and is responsible for her social media uploads, while young Fergie hasn’t talked much about her father, though she has made a video in which she has announced a long trip to Texas to meet her dad. She is currently in high school, and though actively pursuing an acting career, formal education is very important to her, and is poised to finish high school and university later.

Career Beginnings

At just three years old, Sophie was thrown into the show business when her mother secured her a minor role in the short film “Away We Stay”.


This made her fall in love with acting and the cameras on the whole, but waited until she was 10 years old to continue her career. Poised to return as an actress, Sophie alongside her mother entered various auditions, and with a few motivational words by a family friend, for a minor role in the web TV series “Mani” as Goth Girl, but the producers wanted to see her more, and promoted her to a regular character.

Rise to Prominence

From 2017 to 2019, young Sophie appeared in 28 episodes of the award-winning comedy series, which made her rather popular, and she continued her acting career in stunning fashion.

Sophie Fergi

First, she featured in the TV series “Creepy Toys Girls” (2018), and the same year appeared in the Disney series “Bunk’d” (2018). Most recently, Sophie began portraying Zaria in the TV fantasy adventure series “Charmers”, co-starring alongside Exandrea Pitts and Camren Conerly, so far in eight episodes.

YouTube Stardom

Sophie has achieved stardom through the YouTube channel which she launched in 2018. and now has more than 1.5 million subscribers. Her first video “Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Hollywood ft. Stranger Things Maze”, which now has more than 65,000 views, was uploaded in October of 2018.


She continued uploading funny and interesting videos, while also showcasing details from her personal life, such as “Road Trip to Vegas”, and “Who Knows Me Better?! Piper Rockelle vs Gavin Magnus *Challenge*”, among others. As her popularity increased and her acting career took off, she remained true to her channel and has continued to make new videos until the present day. She has made a few friends in the YouTube community, including Sarah Dorothy Little, Brooklyn Queen, and Piper Rockelle, all of whom feature in her YouTube videos.

Sophie’s videos have now been viewed more than 115 million times; some of her most popular include “My Crush REACTS to my Fashion Nova Outfits *Funny Challenge*”, with more than seven million views, then “Saying Goodbye To My Boyfriend **Not Clickbait**”, with just under five million views, and “Last to Leave FACETIME Wins $10,000 Challenge **With My Crush**”, which has been viewed around four million times, and “The Truth About My Ex * Is JOPHIE Over?**”, which has around 3.5 million views, in addition to many other popular videos with millions of views that have just increased her popularity.


Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Single

She has been sharing details from her personal life since entering the YouTube scene – though she’s just 14 years old, Sophie has already dated a couple of boys. She had a crush on a boy named Ryder, who often featured in her videos, however, after some time, she started a romantic relationship with Ryder’s friend Jentzen. The two were together for some time and created what seemed to be an unbreakable bond, however, they broke up in mid-2021, and both made emotional videos about their breakup on their YouTube channels. Since then, Sophie has bounded back, and is enjoying her teenage life, having fun with her friends and family.

Net Worth

As of mid- 2021, Sophie Fergi’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1 million, earned through her successful career as an actress, appearing already in 10 film and TV titles, while her career as an online content creator also contributes to her wealth.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

This prominent YouTube star has long brown hair, though she sometimes dyes it black and has brown eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft (1.52m), weighs around 100lbs (45kgs), with vital statistics currently 28-23-33, bra size 28B.


Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

Just like any other teenager, Sophie has numerous interests. One is fashion, and thanks to her success as an actress, she’s been able to fulfill her other dreams, which includes launching her own clothing line – Live Forever More.

Sophie is a social media star and has more than four million followers on her official TikTok account.

She’is an avid animal lover, and has several dogs and cats as her pets.

Although she spends a lot of time inside making videos, she is quite active and enjoys playing various sports, including soccer, while she can often be seen on a bicycle.

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