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April 18, 2024
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Who is Colby Brock?

Cole Robert Brock is a popular YouTuber and former Vine superstar, who was born on 2nd January 1997, in Stanley, Kansas, USA. The attractive young man stands 6ft (1.80m) tall and weighs about 160lbs (72kgs), with reported vital statistics of 40-32-15 (chest, waist and arms).

Colby’s Family

Being raised in a Christian household in the small town of Stanley didn’t stop Colby from dreaming big. The blue-eyed social media sensation grew up with his father, businessman Robert A. Brock, and was taken care of by his mother, housewife Pat Brock. It’s said that Colby’s older brother Gabe wasn’t interested in becoming a YouTuber, but his current profession isn’t known.

The influencer studied at the Blue Valley High School in his hometown, and later moved to Los Angeles for his university degree.

Vine Fame

Colby’s first taste of internet stardom was thanks to Vine, the predecessor of TikTok and YouTube. Along with his friend Sam Golbach, the then-teenager went viral in the mid-2010s thanks to a Vine upload entitled “Following Fat People”. The controversial seven-second clip garnered a lot of attention, with Sam explaining that: “the best and fastest way [to become known] was to be funny on Vine”.

By the time Vine shut down in 2017, the friends had racked up over a million followers.


They quickly focused on their YouTube channel, created three years before, and uploaded a variety of videos which included vlogs, comedy skits, and more.

YouTube Content Creation

The Sam and Colby YouTube channel has almost six million followers as of late 2021. From exploring haunted hotels with their friends, to travelling to an abandoned military school only accessible by boat, the duo make sure to keep fans on their toes.

Their most popular video to date, running for almost two hours, is “THE STANLEY: USA’s Most Haunted Hotel (Full Movie)”, which has been seen over 19 million times. Sam and Colby spent a night in the notorious establishment – which inspired Stephen King’s bestselling novel “The Shining” – where there was a major gas explosion in 1911, leading to eight injuries.

Staying at other purportedly haunted hotels such as The Bilmore, and being chased by alleged cult members in the Enchanted Forest are just some of the highlights of Sam and Colby’s channel. Fellow content creators such as gamer FazeRug also appear in some of these videos, helping to mesh the YouTube giants’ fanbases.

Launched in 2016, Colby’s standalone YouTube channel has over 230 videos and 4.2 million subscribers. The last uploaded video as of November 2021 is “This Needed To Be Said..”, which has been viewed almost 700,000 times, and in which Colby spoke of his frustrations at being romantically linked to every female he collaborates with, and consequently received an outpouring of support from fans.


Scandals and Legal Trouble

In January 2019, Sam and Colby were arrested and taken into custody for trespassing on the grounds of an abandoned school under construction somewhere in Hillsborough County, Florida. An online article revealed that the pair hopped over the fence and entered the property without a permit, which led to a neighbor promptly alerting the authorities.

After being taken to the sheriff’s office, mugshots of the two were released, and went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. Fans’ reactions were extreme, with one of them creating the hashtag “#FreeSamandColby” and another launching a petition for their release.

The friends were released the very next day, and immediately took to Twitter to calm their fanbase down with a series of Tweets.

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Sam’s post read: “Just wanted to say we are both safe and okay, sorry for any worry. After such a long process, Colby’s bond is now paid for (he will be released soon), and we should both be back in California tomorrow”.

Later, the YouTubers took full advantage of the scandal by releasing merchandise with their mugshots. In an interview with Metro, they dubbed the incident “a blessing in disguise”, with Sam saying: “…[the experience] really elevated our channel. Instead of doing something we weren’t really comfortable with, we were forced to make a change”.

Since then, both stars have kept on the straight and narrow. A lesser-known scandal was in 2015, when YouTuber and former “Big Brother” participant Sam Pepper posted a video entitled “Killing Best Friend Prank”, in which he ‘kidnapped’ Sam and Colby and faked shooting Colby, thus leaving Sam traumatized.


Later on, Sam defended Pepper after thousands of outraged viewers called the hoax “cruel”, and campaigned for the video to be deleted.

Colby’s Personal Life

A September 2021 article posed the question of Colby possibly dating beautiful YouTuber Amber Scholl. Amber, who has almost a million Instagram followers, rose to prominence in 2016 thanks to her “Broke Girls Hacks” videos, in which she gave her viewers helpful tips on how to live a luxury lifestyle on a budget.

In 2020, Colby and Amber collaborated on two YouTube videos, in one of which the Kansas-born star gave Amber a makeover, and in the other she renovated Colby’s bedroom. The pair have also done several TikTok challenges together, which fueled online speculation. However, Amber has said repeatedly that she’s single.

The brown-haired Capricorn’s fans also went crazy in 2018, when content creator Franny Arrieta uploaded videos of the two doing a compatibility test. The clickbait video, “TAKING A BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND COMPATIBILITY TEST PT. 2!!”, received thousands of thumbs-up on YouTube, nevertheless, Franny and Colby were never in a confirmed relationship.


A look at Colby’s Instagram feed doesn’t give much insight: most of the images show the YouTuber solo or with family and friends, with no potential love interest to be seen. Although the rumors are constant and Colby’s fanbase likes to ship the star with social media content creators, he himself has never publicly admitted to dating anyone.

Colby’s Net Worth

A question that fans often ask is: what’s Colby’s real net worth? As of late 2021, the ex-Viner is worth an estimated sum of $2.5 million. thanks to merchandise sales, YouTube views, and social media endorsements.

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