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March 5, 2024
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Houston Alexander was born on 22 March 1972 in East St. Louis, Illinois USA, and is an American mixed martial artist, widely known for competing in Bellator’s Light Heavyweight division.

So just how rich is Houston Alexander as of mid-2017? Authoritative sources report that Alexander’s net worth is as high as $400,000. His wealth is accumulated from his 16 years long career in martial arts.

Houston Alexander Net Worth $400,000

Houston is said to have lived in a rough neighborhood, and had to learn how to defend himself. Later on, he moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where he attended Omaha North High School and where he began practicing wrestling and boxing through his teenage years. Prior to his career in the martial arts, Houston was popular among Omaha’s hip hop underground scene, known as ‘’Scrib’’, ‘’Cone-Dome’’ and ‘’FAS/ONE’’. Besides his athletic abilities and music tendencies, he was also a good artist, and thus enrolled into Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. He never graduated from college, but went on to work as a head machinist in an asphalt company, prior to pursuing his career in martial arts. He made his UFC debut in 2007, knocking out his opponent in only 49 seconds, so starting to gain plenty of attention for his skills and performance, and thus Houston made his decision to turn to martial arts fully and professionally, signing a three-fight contract with UFC, certainly boosting his net worth.

Alexander continued to beat every opponent he faced, thus his career was continuously growing and he was making a name for himself, becoming one of the best known martial artists at that time, and has received critical praise ever since. He gained a reputation with the nickname ‘’The Assassin’’. In the following period, Houston went on to lose a couple of matches, including the Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights finale, in which he fought against Kimbo Slice, and as a result was cut from the UFC.

Shortly after this event he turned to independent promotions, and returned to form by winning a couple of matches in the following period. Alexander went on to achieve good results in the ring proving that his skills were still up to scratch, but had several losses as well.

Concurrently, Houston made several movie appearances, in ‘’UFC 78: Validation’’ and ‘’UFC 75: Champion Against Champion’’, both in 2007, adding to his net worth.

As of his more recent past, he has been working with the Bellator, a mixed martial arts promotion company, but still competes; he now has over 200 fights in his career.

Alexander is also a DJ on a local radio station at Plattsmouth, and is widely recognized for hosting an independent music show called “Culture Shock School Tour” on which he teaches elementary school students about hip hop.

In his personal life, Alexander is an Orthodox Christian. He is a father to six children, but details of their mother(s) is/are unknown. He donated one of his kidneys to his oldest daughter.

It is said that Houston left college because he didn’t want to leave his daughter behind, thus he dropped out in the senior year.

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