Henry Rollins Net Worth

January 19, 2023
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Henry Rollins is an acclaimed musician, actor, writer, radio host and an activist. He is mostly known as the member of such bands as State of Alert, Black Flag and Rollins Band. What is more, Henry had a role in “Sons of Anarchy” and has also acted in other shows and movies. Another activity which added a lot to Henry’s net worth is him being a host of radio shows and also television shows such as “Jackass”, “The Henry Rollins Show” and others. So how rich is Henry Rollins? It has been estimated that Rollins’ net worth is $15 million. Recently Henry has hosted radio shows and organized speaking tours so there is a chance that this number will change in the future.

Henry Rollins Net Worth $15 Million

Henry Lawrence Garfield, better known as Henry Rollins, was born in 1961, in Washington, D.C. When Henry was just a small boy his parents divorced so he had to live with his mother. Not having both parents might have affected Henry, and this might be one of the reasons why Rollins later suffered from depression. Another problem that he had while being a kid was hyperactivity, but Henry has been able to overcome these problems and achieve what he has now. When Henry finished high school he started studying at the American University but did not finish it and later went to work in many different places. Soon though, Henry became interested in music and started to work as a roadie for different bands.

In 1980 Rollins became a part of the band, called “State of Alert”. This made Henry Rollins’ net worth grow. Unfortunately, “State of Alert” disbanded. Despite this fact, Henry soon became one of the members of the band “Black Flag”. He gained more experience in the music industry and became more popular. Henry even gained acclaim from critics, but again the group disbanded. Then Henry decided to try to release several solo records, and later formed a new group called “Rollins Band”. The band has released 9 studio albums; some of them include “Do It”, “Hard Volume”, “Get Some Go Again”, “Nice” and many others. The success of these albums has had a huge impact on the growth of Henry Rollins’ net worth.

In addition to this, Henry has writen several books. For example, “Black Coffee Blues”, “See a Grown Man Cry”, “Smile, You’re Travelling” and others. He has also appeared in many movies such as “Bad Boys II”, “Wrong Turn 2: Death End”, “The Devil’s Tomb”, “The Alibi” and many others. The roles in these movies also added to Rollins’ net worth.

Lastly, it can be said that Henry is a very active and talented person. Almost everything that he does becomes successful and makes Henry Rollins’ net worth higher. As previously said, Henry is still continuing working and there is a high chance that his net worth will become even higher in the future. What is more, it is a good thing that his fans are still able to enjoy his talent and take some advice from him.

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