Nik Richie Net Worth

February 18, 2023
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Nik Richie is a famous blogger, internet personality and author. He is known mostly for his own gossip website,, which was created in 2007. Nik has received a lot of criticism for his rude comments but he is still very famous and one newspaper, he Arizona Republic, called him one of most fascinating people. You might think how rich is Nik Richie? It has been estimated that Nik’s net worth is almost 10 million dollars. This sum of money has mainly come from blogging and his fame on the internet. As Richie still continues to work on his website,, there is a chance that Nik Richie’s net worth will become even higher in the future.

Nik Richie Net Worth $10 Million

Hooman Abedi Karamian, or better known to the world as Nik Lamas-Richie or simply Nik Richie, was born in 1979, in New Jersey. As mentioned before, Richie is mostly known for the website, Nik came up with the idea to create this website as he was not satisfied with the work he had. At first he criticized other people from his own neighborhood. Nik uploaded various photos from night clubs and made different kinds of comments. Now this website allows its user to upload photos, gossip and other material. Nik probably never thought that would become so popular. He even said that it was supposed to be created for him and his own friends. The popularity of this website made Nik a well-known personality on the internet and of course had a huge impact on the growth of Nik Richie’s net worth. It also needs to be mentioned that at first no one knew who created, as Nik kept his identity hidden. But in 2008 his identity was revealed.

The fame that Nik gained due to his website made him a person whom many shows wanted to interview. At first he appeared in an episode called Dirt, Lies and the Internet. Nik was then interviewed by Dr. Phil. During this episode Nik received a lot of criticism from Dr. Phil, but was able to answer all of his questions. Later Richie also appeared in such shows as 20/20, Couples Therapy and others. The appearances in these shows and interviews of course added a lot to Nik’s net worth.

While talking about Richie’s personal life, his wife is an actress, Shayne Lamas and they have one child. Despite his popularity Nik has some problems with his marriage and his personal life. Let’s hope that these problems will be solved soon.

Finally, it could be said that Nik Richie is one of the most controversial personalities and one of the most famous in the internet. He was able to gain a lot of money from the idea that came up only because he was not enjoying his work. Although he receives a lot of criticism, Richie is still able to be strong and defend himself. As he still continues blogging there is a high chance that Nik Richie’s net worth will become even higher.

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