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November 20, 2023
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Helen Rachel Slater was born on 15 December, 1963, in Bethpage, New York State USA, of Jewish descent, and is a singer, actress, and songwriter, best known for being part of the 1984 film “Supergirl” as the titular character. She has also made several successful films in “City Slickers”, “Ruthless People”, and “The Secret of My Success”. All of her efforts have helped put her net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Helen Slater? As of late-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $3 million, mostly earned through a successful career as an actress. Aside from film, she has also found work on the stage and on various television projects; she was a regular during the run of the series “The Lying Game”. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will increase.

Helen Slater Net Worth $3 million

Slater attended the High School of performing Arts and matriculated in 1982. She made her acting debut in the same year, appearing in the ABC special “Amy & the Angel” alongside Meg Ryan and James Earl Jones. Two years later, she portrayed Supergirl in the film of the same name which was directed by Jeannot Szwarc. The film was not a success in the box office and received mixed reviews, which would lead to the controversial decision of DC comics killing the character in 1985, though a new Supergirl would later appear in the comics, and the film would slowly develop a cult following.

Helen’s next film would be “The Legend of Billie Jean” in 1985 in which she was paired with Christian Slater. She then appeared in the comedies “The Secret of My Success” and “Ruthless People”. This led to a lot more high profile roles including “City Slickers” alongside Billy Crystal, and “Sticky Fingers”. She also appeared in the film “A House in the Hills” and the crime drama “No Way Back”. She continued her career into the ‘90s and 2000s, with projects such as “12:01” and “Seeing Other People”.

Aside from her films, Slater became a part of numerous television shows, such as “Supernatural”, “Batman: The Animated Series”, and “The Lying Game”. She also appeared in “Seinfeld” as a love interest of Jerry Seinfeld, and had a recurring role in the hit television series “Smallville”. She is also Supergirl’s adoptive mother in the recent “Supergirl” television series. Helen has appeared in various stage projects too, including “Grease”, and “Shakespeare in Friends”. She also co-founded the theatre group called “The Naked Angels”. All have added to her net worth.

Throughout the course of her career, she became part of several musical projects too, including “Lassie” and “Happy Together”. She released the CD “One of These Days” in 2003 which contained original songs. She also became an honoree during the 50th anniversary publication of DC entitled “Fifty Who Made DC Great”. Later on, she would write a Supergirl story entitled “A Hero’s Journey”, which was part of the 50th issue of the “Supergirl” comic book.

For her personal life, it is known that Helen married filmmaker Robert Watzke in 1989, and they have a daughter.

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