Gunnar Nelson Net Worth

April 25, 2023
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Gunnar Eric Nelson was born on 20 September 1967 in Santa Monica, California USA. He is an American singer and songwriter, best known as a multi-platinum recording artist.

Do you want to know what the wealth of Gunnar Nelson is? According to credible sources, Gunnar Nelson has a net worth estimated to be over $3 million, as of early 2016. He has acquired this kind of wealth from his career as a singer and songwriter, specializing in genres such as rock, pop, glam metal, country and adult contemporary. Some of his hit songs include ‘I Can’t Live Without You,’ After the Rain,’ ‘Only Time Will Tell,’ and ‘More Than Ever.’

Gunnar Nelson Net Worth $3 Million

Gunnar Nelson was born to actress Kristin Harmon and Ricky Nelson, who was once a teen idol singer. He is a twin brother to Mathew, and brother to Sam and Tracy. Together with his brothers, Gunnar was passionate in singing and started learning how to write music while still young. In the process, they met Marc Tanner from Los Angeles, California, who became their mentor. They collaborated to release the triple platinum album called ‘After the Rain’ in 1990 through Geffen Records. Gunnar himself eventually became proficient on several musical instruments which include the drums, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bazouki and piano.

Soon enough Gunnar’s hit songs managed to be listed on Billboard’s Top 40, with ‘Love and Affection’ reaching the number one position. This saw the Nelsons feature in the Guinness Book of World Records, being the only family globally to have number one records over three generations, as their grandfather Ozzie Nelson and father Ricky Nelson all had number one hits. In 1995, Gunnar decided to leave Geffen records, co-founding a label called Stone Canyon Records together with his brother, on which label he subsequently released 13 albums, some of which include ‘This Christmas,’ ‘Peace Out,’ and ‘Lightning Strikes Twice,’ among many others.

Nelson went on to tour widely, particularly with Styx and Peter Frampton, but also performed solo and with his brother, acoustic and full band, sometimes featuring his father’s song hits too.

Additionally, Gunnar Nelson has been involved in TV and radio, becoming a cast member of a US TV series called ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ in 2005’, and in June 2015, he appeared together with his family on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap,’ an ABC show. He has also appeared in and hosted numerous VH1 TV and E! Programs, including the radio morning show entitled ‘Lifetime Radio.’ His time on TV and radio has seen him increase his net worth, adding to his earnings made as a singer. Essentially, Gunnar Nelson is a multi-talented entertainer, who is clearly enjoying the variety of work that he continues to do.

In his personal life, Gunnar Nelson tied the knot with Lila Kersavage on 7 October 2014. The couple has three daughters and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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