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November 20, 2023
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Carlos Reyes Efren Rosado was born on 2 May 1991, in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He is a reggaeton singer and songwriter, best known for his versatility in performing songs of various genres. He’s also one of the more recent artists to make huge waves becoming popular in the Latin American music scene. His exploits in music have put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Farruko? As of early-2016, sources estimate that his net worth is over $1 million, mostly acquired through the steady success of his music career. He’s released six albums (a total of nine with deluxe versions) and most songs he’s done have made it to the top of the charts of countries like Mexico, Colombia, and the United States.

Farruko Net Worth $1 Million

Farruko started his music career when he created a MySpace account at the age of 15, using the social media platform to display his music, and on which he released his first single entitled “Sexo Fuera del Planeta”, which earned him notice and thousands of followers. He’d soon expand his reach to other social media sites as well, and his success and popularity eventually helped him get noticed by the music industry, so he was given the opportunity to perform with other artists like J Alvarez, Daddy Yankee and Jory.

At the age of 18, Farruko released his first album entitled “El Talento del Bloque”, by Siente Music and produced by Universal. He wrote most of the songs on the album and a few of the songs would become massive hits. A few songs that gained high rankings on the charts include “Su Hija Me Gusta”, “Ella No Es Facil”, and “Traime a Tu Amiga”. His album featured other artists like Arcangel, Jose Feliciano, and Cosculluela. In 2012, he released his second album called “TMPR: The Most Powerful Rookie”. This time, Farruko started to let his versatility shine by handling electro and pop music along with his usual reggaeton. The second album’s popularity was such that it earned him a nomination for a Latin Grammy.

Carlos started touring Latin America and the United States, performing and promoting his music. His popularity was evident, with very large fan bases in countries like Venezuela and Colombia. In 2014, he returned to the recording studio to work on the album “Farruko Presenta los Menores”. One week after the release of this album, it immediately went to become the number 1 album in the Latin Albums chart. He would earn the “Premios Juventud” for the song “6AM”, collaborated with J. Balvin. This album would also give Farruko the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Urban Performance and Best Urban Song of 2015. Around this time he was working with other artists, and started to work on another album called “The Ones”, which was a compilation of his hit songs. Later in the year, he released a new album “Visionary”, and the hype that revolved around it saw it debut in the number one spot on several Latin charts.

Aside from his work in the music industry, not much is known about Farruko’s personal life, which he keeps private, and only time will tell if he’ll reveal any more information about his past, family, and education, among other things.

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