Glenn Howerton Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Glenn Howerton is a well known actor, screenwriter and producer. He is mostly known for his roles in such shows and movies as It’s Always sunny in Philadelphia, Must Love Dogs, The Strangers and many others. If to talk about Glenn’s personal life, it could be said that he is married to an actress, Jill Latiano and they have a son, named Miles. You might think how rich is Glenn Howerton? It has been made a statement that Glenn’s net worth is 5.7 million dollars. This sum of money mainly came from his career as an actor and it also might grow in the future as Howerton is still working as an actor as well as a producer and screenwriter.

Glenn Howerton Net Worth $5.7 Million

Glenn Franklin Howerton III, or simply known as Glenn Howerton, was born in 1976, in Japan. Glenn studied at Juilliard School where he received degree in Fine Arts. During his studies Howerton also worked at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts. So Glenn Howerton’s net worth started to grow when he was still studying. Glenn’s career as an actor began in 2003 when he appeared in ER. Glenn had an opportunity to work with Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies and many others. Later Howerton appeared in such movies as Serenity, The Strangers and Two Weeks. Glenn worked together with Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman, Sally Field, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and many others. These appearances added up a lot to Glenn Howerton’s net worth. In 2005 Glenn received the role for which he is mostly known. It was the role of Dennis Reynolds in the show, called It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where Glenn worked together with Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Danny DeVito and others. What is more, Howerton also works as an executive producer and writer on this show. There is no surprise that his appearance in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia had a huge impact on the growth of Howerton’s net worth.

Other shows and movies that Glenn was a part of include Crank: High Voltage, Coffee Town, Everything Must Go, Unsupervised, Family Guy, Fargo and many others. All these appearances of course had an impact on the growth of Glenn Howerton’s net worth. All in all, it could be said that Glenn Howerton is a talented actor. Although it might seem that he has appeared in very few films and television shows comparing to other actors he is only 38 years old so there probably will be plenty of opportunities for him in the future. What is more, Glenn will probably become more famous and acclaimed in the future because he really deserves that as an actor. Let’s hope that his fans will be able to see him more and also that he will become successful as a producer and screenwriter as well. If this happens there is a high chance that Howerton’s net worth will become higher than it is now.

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