Ghostface Killah Net Worth

February 8, 2023
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Ghostface Killah is a nickname of American rapper, actor and songwriter, who is also known as Gfk, Dennis Coles, Tony Starks Ghosted Ironman, The Wallabee Kingpin, Pretty Toney and Ghostface of Wu-Tang Clan. Gfk was able to build up a net worth which was estimated to be as high as $17 million during his years active and nowadays he is a member of a famous American hip-hop band Wu-Tang Clan from New York. Furthermore, Ghostface is a founder of Starks Enterprises label. However, this label didn’t increase The Wallabee Kingpin’s net worth as much as he did by himself thanks to his amazing talent as an actor and a musician.

Ghostface Killah Net Worth $17 Million

The real name of Ghostface Killah is Denis Colles, who was born on May 9, 1970, in Staten Island, New York, United States. He started his career as a rapper at 22 years old, in year 1992, and choose his original nickname from a kung-fu movie titled “Mystery of Chessboxing” which was popular in the 90’s. Together with his roommate Robert Diggs (later best known as RZA) they founded their own band called Wu-Tang clan. With 7 other young people (GZA, Raekwon, U-God, Masta Killa, Method Man, Cappadonna and Inspectah Deck) they gained popularity among the hip-hop fans and rose to fame in a show business as one of the most successful bands. This project helped Ghostface Killah to increase his net worth just enormously, and it still remains the main source of his salary until today. In total until nowadays Wu-Tang Clan released 11 studio albums. They debuted in year 1996 with “Ironman”, which was extremely successful and hit the second position on a famous Billboard 200 and also hit number 1 at the Top R&B / Hip-Hop Albums. This success from the first time made Killah rich and increased his net worth enormously, but however, this was just a beginning of his successful career as a rapper.

Another their album titled “Wu-Tang Forved” made everything just better – this time it hit number one on Billboard 200 and more than 8 000 000 copies of it were sold. Already huge Pretty Toney’s net worth raised even more after the second bonanza. Just after a several albums released together with his band Ghostface became extremely popular and rose to fame immediately, so now you know how rich is Starky Love.

Ghostfacce Killah’s net worth was also raised because of his appearances in a different movies, documentaries and TV shows which later became popular on TV. He even appeared in a video games several times as himself, and these games were “Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style”, “Def Jam Vendetta”, “Def Jam: Fight for NY” and “Def Jam: Icon”. The most notable appearances in movies Ghostface made in years 2008 and 2010, when he had an ability to play Dubaian sheik in the famous “Iron Man” directed by Jon Favreau and also to perform as Guggenheim DJ in American romance comedy titled “When in Rome”, which was directed by famous Mark Steven Johnson. And that’s why Toney’s net worth is this huge.

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