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February 24, 2023
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Gerald Leonard Spence was born on the 8th January 1929, in Laramie, Wyoming USA, and is recognized as being one of the greatest trial lawyers in the USA, as he has never lost a criminal case, as prosecutor or defense attorney. Currently, Gerry is a semi-retired lawyer. He is also known for being the author of law books, and the founder of “Trial Lawyers College” and Lawyers and Advocates for Wyoming (L.A.W.) company.

So, have you ever wondered how rich Gerry Spence is? It has been estimated according to authoritative sources that the total size of Gerry’s net worth is over $20 million, as of late 2016. The main source of this amount of money has been accumulated through his perfect career as a trial lawyer. Another source is coming from the sales of his books. Additionally to his hands-on career, Gerry has appeared in a number of television shows, which also increased his net worth by a large margin.

Gerry Spence Net Worth $20 Million

Gerry Spence’s early life is unknown in the media, except that he attended the University of Wyoming Law School, from which he graduated in 1952; afterwards, he was rewarded with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1990. Before he became a successful trial-lawyer, Gerry worked as a defense attorney for an insurance company. However, after several years, he switched to representing people instead of companies, banks and other businesses.

Gerry first came to attention while working on the Karen Silkwood case; Karen worked for the Kerr-McGee plutonium-production plant, as a chemical technician, however, she became a whistle blower, as she was one of the activists against and critics of the plant`s safety. According to sources, she collected evidence, but soon after she died in a car crash under suspicious circumstances. Her family hired Gerry to represent them against the plant, and he won them a $10.5 million verdict. Some of the most successful and most notable cases that Gerry led, includes defending Randy Weaver of murder, conspiracy, gun charges, and he also defended Ed Cantrell, freeing him from murder charges.

To speak further of his career, Gerry has worked as a lecturer in numerous educational institutions throughout USA, and conducted numerous seminars, which also increased his net worth. Gerry also served as a legal consultant for NBC television, and covered the O. J. Simpson trial. He has featured in several talk shows too, such as “Larry King Live”, “Geraldo”, and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Gerry`s net worth has also benefited from his books; so far he has released more than 20, including “Gunning for Justice – My Life and Trials” (1982), “Trial by Fire” The True Story of a Woman`s Ordeal at the Hands of the Law” (1986), “How to Argue & Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, in Court, Everywhere, Everyday” (1995), “Give Me Liberty: Freeing Ourselves in the Twenty-First Century” (1998), “The Smoking Gun: Day by Day Through a Shocking Murder Trial” (2003), and “Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder” (2015), among others, which have also increased his net worth.

When it comes to speak about his personal life, Gerry Spence is married to Imaging, his second wife; the couple has six children and 13 grandchildren together. They divide their time between residences in Santa Barbara, California, and Jackson, Wyoming.

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