Ash Ketchum Net Worth

March 16, 2023
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Ash Ketchum is a fictional cartoon character, and the main character in the anime entitled ‘’Pokémon’’ and manga of the same name.  Ash was born in Pallet Town, Kanto region, where his adventure begins. He was created by Nintendo in the 1990s, but maintains the age of 10. He is also known as Satoshi, named after creator Satoshi Tajiri.

So just how rich is Ash Ketchum as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this cartoon character has a notional net worth of $1 million, with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned field.

Ash Ketchum Net Worth $1 Million

In the original series, the voice of Ash was provided by Rica Matsumoto, and in English version by Veronica Taylor in the first eight season of the series. The series starts on Ash’s tenth birthday and so does his adventure as he becomes competent to become a Pokémon trainer. The upcoming episodes follow Ash’s life as he travels in order to catch Pokémon, for whom he shows great love and affection throughout the series. Along the way, Ash established friendships with other characters such as Brock and Misty, but also meets antagonists, Team Rocket, consisting of Jessie, James and their Pokémon, Meowth, who is able to speak. Having been defeated by Ash and his main Pokémon, Pikachu, in the second episode of the series, the team obsessively follows Ash and his friends and tries to ruin their plans. Nevertheless, as the series progresses, Jessie and James show signs of affection towards their Pokémon.

Ultimately, the series is focused on the progress that Ash makes in his Pokémon catching skills and as the time goes on, he caught and became friends with many of the Pokémon, such as Pikachu, Rowlet – who he encountered having found it living with Pikipek – Trumbeak and Toucannon. In addition, he owns Lycanroc and Litten, and all of the mentioned Pokémon are the ones he usually uses in battles. Additionally, he owns Solgaleo and Rotom, with the latter being captured by Professor Kukui. Other Pokémon inhabiting Oak’s Lab are Talonflame, used in numerous battles because of its powerful moves Hawlucha, Noivern and Charizard, which evolved to that form from Charmeleon. Others are also Oshawott, Scraggy – a violent Pokémon and Leavanny, who is able to create leaves and headpieces for all of the Pokémon of Ash’s team.

Ash Ketchum has collected eight badges from regions of Kanto, Johto, Unova and Kalos, among other and besides that, he owns four badges from Orange Archipelago. Overall, despite being created a lot of time ago, the whole series is generally beloved by children of all generations and can often be seen in the mainstream media and due to positive critical reception, the merchandise of Ash and Pikachu is available on numerous places, as it’s one of the most popular cartoons in the history of television. His notional net worth is still rising.

When it comes to Ash’s private life, in series, he is a very good runner and climber, and his skills in catching Pokémon are notable. Ash is friendly and affectionate towards both his friends and his Pokémon and in series, and is friends with other trainers such as Brock, Misty and Serena.

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