George Jones Net Worth

July 19, 2023
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George Glenn Jones, born on September 12 1931 in Saratoga, Texas, United States, better known as simply George Jones, was a famous personality in the music industry, known as a country musician not only in the United States but all over the world.

Sources have estimated that at the time of his death the net worth of George Jones was as high as $35 million, which he earned as a musician, singer and songwriter, and which wealth he accumulated from 1954 till 2013.
George Jones released sixty studio albums, two live albums, six compilation albums, eighteen music videos and eight cover albums which had significantly increased his net worth. During his long career he experienced success and decline.

George Jones Net Worth $35 Million

Jones career might be divided into several parts. From 1954 to 1957, George released his first albums as follows ‘Grand Ole Opry’s New Star’ (1957), ‘Hillbilly Hit Parade’ (1958) and ‘Long Live King George’ (1958) which helped him to get introduced into the music industry. George had increased his total amount of the net worth during this commercial breakout which was experienced from 1959 to 1964. The albums ‘Country Church Time’ (1959),‘White Lightning and Other Favorites’ (1959), ‘George Jones Salutes Hank Williams’ (1960), ‘Sings Country and Western Hits’ (1962), ‘Sings from the Heart’ (1962), ‘George Jones Sings Bob Wills’ (1962), ‘Homecoming in Heaven’ (1962), ‘My Favorites of Hank Williams’ (1962), ‘I Wish Tonight Would Never End’ (1963), ‘Blue & Lonesome’ (1964), ‘Heartaches and Tears’ (1964), ‘George Jones Sings Like The Dickens!’ (1964) and ‘I Get Lonely in a Hurry’ (1964) were commercially very successful and brought Jones not only fortune but also fame.

From 1964 to 1979, George Jones suffered a decline in his career because of his addiction to alcohol and drugs. During this period he also released many albums which were rather successful but his constant appearance in out of control situation, resulting in fines and debts which led him to bankruptcy.

Starting from 1980, the situation had not changed, he was still hooked on his bad habits and he was written off by many critics. However, one song entitled ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ helped him back to the tops of charts. Moreover, he found the woman, Nancy Sepulvado, who helped him to get out of drugs, alcohol abuse and to earn financial stability. The latest decades of his career helped Jones to increase his net worth and wealth. The most successful albums of that time were ‘You Oughta Be Here With Me’ (1990), ‘Walls Can Fall’ (1992), ‘High-Tech Redneck’ (1993), ‘Cold Hard Truth’ (1999), ‘The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001’ (2001) and ‘Burn Your Playhouse Down – The Unreleased Duets’ (2008) which added much to George Jones net worth.

During his long spanned career Jones had been working under many labels including Bandit, Asylum, MCA Nashville, Epic, Musicor, RCA Records, United Artists, Mercury and Starday.

George Jones had been married twice. In 1950, he married Dorothy Bonvillion. They had a daughter together. In the second marriage with Shirley Jones, he had two children.

George Jones died on 26 April 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

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