Gayle King Net Worth

February 27, 2024
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Gayle King is a well known morning news anchor and a magazine editor. King is mostly known for being one of the best friends of Oprah Winfrey and also for appearing in “CBS This Morning”. What is more, Gayle is the editor of the popular magazine entitled “O, The Oprah Magazine”.

If you wonder how rich Gayle King is, it has been estimated that Gayle’s net worth is $25 million. There is a chance that this sum of money will change in the future as King continues working.

Gayle King Net Worth $25 Million

Gayle King was born in 1954, in Maryland. Gayle studied at the University of Maryland. There she graduated with a degree in sociology and psychology, after which Gayle began working at “WDAF – TV”. Gayle’s net worth began to grow at this time. In 1981 Gayle received an invitation to start working at “WFSB”. Which she accepted and then worked there for about eight years. This of course was one of the main sources of Gayle King’s growing net worth. As King became more and more successful, she even had an opportunity to host her own show, entitled “The Gayle King Show”. Sadly, this show was soon cancelled as it did not gain much success.

Another source of high King’s net worth is her work on the “O, The Oprah Magazine”, where she started working in 1999. There is no surprise that Gayle was also a part of such shows as “Good Morning America” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, as she became more acclaimed and respected in the industry, which allowed her to participate in many successful and popular projects. In 2006 Gayle launched her own radio show called “The Gayle King Show”. In 2011 she became the host of another show by the same name, and this added a lot to Gayle King’s net worth. Despite the success it had, this show was cancelled as Gayle became one of the anchors of “CBS This Morning”. She continues working there ‘til now and will probably do this for a long time in the future.

If to talk about King’s personal life, it should be mentioned that Gayle married Bill Bumpus in 1982 and they have 2 children. Unfortunately, the couple has divorced.

All in all, it could be said that Gayle King is a very successful host of television and radio shows, and a really talented magazine editor. During her career, Gayle has worked with many famous people and has also accumulated a lot of experience in the television industry. King is a perfect role model for many women, as she has worked hard in order to achieve success and also make herself recognised in the world. She and her best friend Oprah Winfrey work together as they want to show that only through a lot of effort can you achieve something. There is no doubt that Gayle King’s net worth will grow in the future as she continues her career.

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