Farrah Abraham Net Worth

June 25, 2023
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Farrah Abraham is a model and a reality show star famous not only for appearing on MTV’s reality series but also for being a teenage mother. Originally Farrah comes from Council Bluffs, Iowa. She was born of 31st of May in 1991. She rose to fame in 2008 when she became pregnant at the age of 16 and enrolled in the famous reality TV series.

Farrah Abraham Net Worth $1 Million

She also did some modeling after her daughter was born. It is safe to say that Farrah has accumulated her wealth of $1 million by being a part of the TV show called Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant as well as releasing her homemade sex tape in which she stars along with a famous porn star James Deen. They sold the sex tape they made for approximately $1.5 million to a distribution company called Vivid Entertainment. Farrah gets the royalties of the video monthly which helps to keep her income steady. Also, Farrah was earning about $60,000 per episode of the reality show.

That did not seem to be enough because at some point Farrah left her daughter with her parents in Iowa in order to obtain a college degree so she can provide for her and her daughter. Unfortunately Farrah Abraham dropped out of college shortly after she enrolled. Her daughter Sophia’s real father’s parents demanded that Farrah prove the fact he is really the father using the paternity test. Luckily for Farrah he turned out to be her boyfriend at the time. Sophia’s grandparent filed a lawsuit so they could visit their granddaughter any time they wanted.

The pilot of the reality show Farrah was in got a little over 2 million viewers, making Farrah a teenage star. It is worth mentioning that the final episode of this show was watched by a little over 3.5 million people worldwide. So it is definitely safe to say that most of the fame that Farrah has now can be attributed to the reality show that made her so famous is the first place.

It is rumored that Farrah earns up to $50,000 by only collecting the royalties from her sex tape. Farrah Abraham has written a book where she went over her pregnancy and her life after having a child as a teenage mother in great detail. The first book earned Farrah about $115,000. The first book was a great commercial success making it to the top of New York Times Bestsellers list. The second book came out shortly after the first one and although it was not as commercially successful as the first one, it certainly earned the star even more money, as it is estimated that her second book gave her an income of roughly $45,000. Farrah also plans to release a memoir in which she describes the suicidal thoughts she once had.

It seems like everything Farrah Abraham does in life is directed towards having more money. No wonder she has such a net worth.

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