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Born as Juan Evo Morales Ayma on the 26th October 1959 in Isallawi, Bolivia, Evo is a politician, a member of the Movement for Socialism Party, and best known to the world as the 80th president of Bolivia. He has been serving in the position since 2006. He became the first Bolivian president that belongs to indigenous people of Bolivia.

Have you ever wondered how rich Evo Morales is, as of mid- 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Morales’ net worth is as high as $500,000, an amount earned through his career as a politician, which has been active since the ‘80s.


Evo Morales Net Worth $500,000


Evo is one of seven children born to Maria Ayma and Dionisio Morales Choque; unfortunately, just three children survived childhood. Struck by poverty, he and his family kept a farm in a small village called Isallawi, which was enough only for themselves. He belongs to the native Aymara people of the Americas and spoke the Aymara language throughout his childhood, but after he got into politics in some way he had forgotten the language, and wasn’t quite fluent. Being the son of farmers he helped in every way possible to sustain and further upgrade the farm. This led to living in northern Argentina when he was only six years old, helping his father to harvest sugar and also selling ice cream in order to earn some money for himself and family on the whole. For his primary education, Evo attended several schools and then enrolled at the Agrarian Humanistic Technical Institute of Orinoca, but failed to finish studies. After that he was sent to Oruro to further her studies – though he struggled in the beginning, he managed to pass all exams in 1977. During his years at Oruro, Evo worked as a brick-maker, baker, and held several other odd jobs, including trumpet player. Unfortunately, the degree snuck out from his hands as he failed to obtain degree certificate, and having studied journalism he chose not to pursue a career as a journalist. He joined the military in 1977 and served until 1978, but during those two years, Bolivia survived five presidents and two military coups.

Following the end of his service, Evo returned to his family who had now moved from Isallawi and settled in El Chapare. There, he started growing cocoa, rice, grapefruit and oranges. Soon he joined cocaleros, a trade union that consists of farmers growing coco, but 1981 saw an event that changed Evo’s life for good; a farmer who grew coco was accused of trafficking cocaine by soldiers, and then burned alive, which made Evo take matters into his own hands and started fighting against the government, firstly with the union of cocoa growers, and then founding the left-wing socialist political movement in 1998. From there, Evo’s power and importance began to grow, and once the Cochabamba protests started in 2000, Evo’s name was heard throughout Bolivia.

He continued to build up his presence in the Bolivian politics in the mid- the 2000s.

He became the 80th Bolivian President in 2006, winning 53.7% of the votes, defeating Jorge Quiroga, who won 28.6%. Since then, he has been re-elected twice, latterly in 2014. During his reign, Bolivia has become a richer country, and many people have escaped poverty.

Regarding his personal life, Evo isn’t married and is fully devoted to serving his country. According to sources, he has three children, but there is no further information regarding his family life.

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