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January 21, 2023
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Richard Widmark was born on the 26th December 1914, in Sunrise Township, Minnesota USA of part-Swedish origin through his father, and English and Scottish through his mother. He was an actor and film producer, in 1948 winning a Golden Globe as the Best Young Actor, and in 2005 he received the Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s Career Achievement Award for his work, and was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Widmark was active in the entertainment industry from 1937 to 2001. He passed away in 2008.

How much was the net worth of Richard Widmark? It has been calculated by authoritative sources that the overall size of his wealth was as much as $1.5 million, compared to the present day. Films were the main source of Widmark’s modest fortune.

Richard Widmark Net Worth $1.5 Million

To begin with, the boy was raised in Sioux Falls. Widmark could read before he went to school and studied acting at Lake Forest College, after his graduation taught acting but went on to study law to become a lawyer. He had been very enthusiastic about acting from an early age.

Concerning his professional career, Widmark debuted on Broadway in George Abbott’s theatre production “Kiss and Tell” in 1943. However, he spent ten years as a radio station spokesman before making his debut as a film actor, in Henry Hathaway’s “Kiss of Death” (1947), playing a criminal who, in the most famous scene of the film, pushed a paralysed woman in her wheelchair coldly down stairs to her death; the film was a box office hit, and with positive reviews of critics made the actor famous overnight, being awarded a Golden Globe for Best Young Actor and was nominated for an Oscar.

After his successful debut, Widmark was cast for years in the role of the bad guy. It was only in the 1950s that the actor managed to get away from this stereotype and establish himself as a versatile actor in all genres. He developed a wide range of roles and appeared, among others, in war films including “The Frogmen” (1951) and adventure films “Red Skies of Montana” (1952). Widmark’s popularity rose from appearances in numerous western films of the 1950s and 1960s, to give examples “The Broken Lance” (1954), “Two Rode Together” (1961) and “Alvarez Kelly” (1966). Widmark also appeared in dramatic films such as “Judgment at Nuremberg” (1961), in which he was seen as a prosecutor of Nazi criminals. He played in war films such as “Destination Gobi” (1953), disaster films like “Roller Coaster” (1977), and thrillers like “Bear Island” (1979).

Richard Widmark was one of the most popular actors in Hollywood for more than three decades, playing in numerous cinema films until the late 1970s. From the 1980s onwards, he was seen less, but in 1987, he was featured in Volker Schlöndorff’s film “A Gathering of Old Men” based on the novel of the same name written by Ernest J. Gaines. In 1991, Richard Widmark was in film “True Colors”, for the last time before the film camera. Afterwards, he was seen in the documentary films “Lincoln” (1992) and “Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick” (1996).

Finally, in the personal life of the actor, Widmark married screenwriter Jean Hazlewood in 1942. In 1945, their only child, Anne Heath Widmark, was born. Widmark spent his life on his farm in Connecticut. Mrs. Jean died in 1997, and after her death, Mr. Richard married Susan Blanchard in 1999. Richard Widmark died after a long illness in 2008 in Roxbury, Connecticut; he was 93 years old.

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