Eva Shockey Net Worth

March 14, 2023
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Eva Shockey was born on 5 January 1988, in British Columbia, Canada to Louise Johann and Jim Shockeye, and is best known as a hunter and TV co-host, of one episode of ‘’Mornings with Maria Bartiromo’’, in addition to her father’s program.

So just how rich is Eva Shockey, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this hunter and the co-host of ‘’Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures’’ has net worth of $500,000 with her wealth being accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned fields. In addition, Eva is a former ballerina.

Eva Shockey Net Worth $500,000

Eva’s father Jim is a hunter, who has his own popular television series, and has been an Honorary Co-Chair for National Hunting & Fishing Day since 2015. When it comes to her education, she attended Bond University in Australia, and graduated with a degree in business marketing. She is widely known for being the co-host of her father’s TV show, ‘’Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures’’, which is airing on Outdoor Channel, and is focused on the journeys her father goes through as he hunts. In addition to that, the family earns money by selling their products on their official website, and their show is sponsored by companies such as Leupold, Primos and Nosler among others. Eva is a spokesperson for hunting and she was a subject of controversies due her views on the previously mentioned matter. However, she considers hunting to be misunderstood by many people, and states that hunters are the actually the biggest conservationists on the planet. Her efforts are recognized as she shares the position of Co-Chair for National Hunting & Fishing Day with her father Jim.

Besides appearing in the previously mentioned series, Eva also occasionally appears in television specials. However, one of the highlights of her career is her authorship of the book entitled ‘’Taking Aim’’, which she co-wrote with A. J. Gregory. The subtitle of the book is ‘’Daring To Be Different, Happier, and Healthier in the Great Outdoors’’ and in that manner, it is Shockeye’s memoir of her adventures. but also her guide to living a better life and finding your true calling. In her books, Eva takes her readers on hunting trips to Africa, and to tracking a 1500 pound bull moose, while sharing her other stories from hunting adventures. In her book as well as through other media, Eva expresses her strength and shows how a woman can be a successful hunter in that  supposedly male-dominated sport, and she was actually the first woman ever to be featured on the cover of ‘’Field And Stream’’.

When it comes to her private life, Eva shares a lot through her book and her father’s television series. She has been married to Tim Brent since June 2010 – the meat of the bull moose she hunted was served at her wedding ceremony. The couple has a daughter named Lennon Bow Brent. Being a proud hunter has caused several controversies, including when posting the picture of the bear she hunted on her social media. However, this didn’t stop Eva, as she again justified her actions, stating that hunters play a significant role in conservation, and followed that by creating T-Shirts with the logo ‘’I’ll never apologize for being a hunter!’’.

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