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March 3, 2024
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Declan Patrick MacManus was born on 25 August 1954, in Paddington, London, England of Irish ancestry. Elvis is a musician, record producer, singer and songwriter probably still best known for his success during the 1970s with albums such as “My Aim is True” and “Armed Forces”. He also formed the band The Attractions, and his numerous endeavors have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Elvis Costello? As of mid-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $60 million, mostly earned through his success in the music industry. He’s won multiple awards and has also written songs for films. He’s still very active, and as he continues his career his wealth is expected to rise even further.

Elvis Costello Net Worth $60 Million

Elvis attended Archbishop Myers RC School which is now known as St Mark’s Catholic Secondary School. While he was still a student, he often helped his father who was a musician, and they recorded a commercial for R. White’s Lemonade. He then formed the folk band Rusty when he moved to Cheshire, and completed secondary education at St. Francis Xavier’s College. After his studies, he went back to London and created the band Flip City. He also started to use the stage name D.P. Costello in recognition of his father who had used the stage name Day Costello. While trying to start to his music career, he worked various jobs. Eventually, he was signed by Stiff Records, and they recommended that he use the stage name Elvis Costello, a mix of Elvis Presley and his father’s stage name.

He released his first album “My Aim Is True” in 1977, and it found success in both the UK and the US; he signed with Columbia Records a few months later to ensure that his music would be distributed in the United States. Elvis then formed his own backing band named The Attractions who included Bruce Thomas, Steve Nieve, and Pete Thomas. They first performed as a replacement for the Sex Pistols in “Saturday Night Live”, but stopped the intro of their first song to play “Radio Radio” which the executives did not want them to play. Elvis was then banned from the show, but their popularity increased considerably after this event.

Costello continued to perform and tour around the country, and two years later released his third album “Armed Forces”. He found controversy for a time in the same year, after making racist comments against James Brown and Ray Charles while he was drunk – it would be a while before he apologized for his acts. In the 1980s he released “Get Happy!!” which became a huge success despite being far from the normal genre that they were known for. In 1981, he released “Trust” but around this time he was already having tensions with the Attractions. He then released “Almost Blue” which had country song covers and “Imperial Bedroom” which had a darker tone than usual. In 1983, he released “Punch the Clock” but tensions with the band reached its peak and Elvis announced that the group was breaking up. He also mentioned that it was probably time for him to retire. Eventually, after performing with other groups, Costello and The Attractions recorded the album “Blood and Chocolate” and after that, he would officially leave The Attractions and his contract with Columbia Records also ended.

After the break, Costello continued to perform well into the 90s and 2000s, releasing “She” during 1999 for the soundtrack of “Notting Hill”. He also continued to collaborate with other artists, releasing various songs, albums and even a memoir.

For his personal life, it is known that he has married three times, firstly to Mary Burgoyne in 1974 and they had a son but divorced in 1984, meantime being linked with Bebe Buell. However, in 1986 he married Cait O’Riordan but they divorced in 2002. He has been married to Diana Krall since 2003 and they have twin sons.

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