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April 18, 2024
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Edward John “Edd” China was born on the 9th May 1971, in London, England, and is a TV presenter, inventor, mechanic and motor specialist, probably best known as a co-star of the Discovery Channel’s show “Wheeler Dealers” (2003- present), but he has also appeared in “Fifth Gear”, “Scrapheap Challenge”, and “Top Gear”. China’s career on television started in 1994.

Have you ever wondered how rich Edd China is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Edd’s net worth is as high as $3 million, an amount earned through his successful career as a TV presenter. In addition to co-hosting a highly popular show, China also works as a mechanic, which improved his wealth too.

Edd China Net Worth $3 Million

Edd China developed an interest towards cars and mechanical parts from an early age, and expressed his innovative nature when was a kid. He went to the King Edward’s School, Witley, and later studied at the London South Bank University from where graduated with a degree in Engineering Product Design. While at the University, China created the Casual Lofa, his first significant invention designed to be a driving sofa, and soon after that, in 1994 he received an offer to work as a special effects technician in the sitcom “Father Fred”, the basis to his net worth.

In 1998, China appeared in “Top Gear”, driving the Casual Lofa at Silverstone, and was also Jeremy Clarkson’s guest on his DVD “”The Most Outrageous Jeremy Clarkson Video In The World…. Ever!”. The same year, China featured on Channel 4’s “The Big Breakfast”, in which he drove a Casual Lofa, Street Sleeper and Bog Standard.

The next year, China established Cummfy Banana Limited, an outlet for his world record attempts and extreme and unusual creations. In 2000, he appeared as a guest on “Scrapheap Challenge”, an engineering game show, and also in “This Is Your Life” featuring The Madness frontman Suggs. Two years later, China worked as a resident designer on the BBC series “Panic Mechanic”, and then again appeared in “Top Gear”, where he modified a Rover 800 with some gadgets from James Bond films.

In 2003, China started co-hosting “Wheeler Dealers” with Mike Brewer, one of the most popular shows of the kind in Britain. Mike finds cheap classic cars on the internet and in local trade rags, while Edd repairs, modifies and improves them. After all modifications are done, Mike sells the cars for a profit; the series is still running after 13 seasons and 168 episodes, and has helped China to increase his net worth significantly. Edd has recently decided to leave the show, and concentrate on other interests, of which he has many.

Also in 2003, Edd was a part of the expert team on Channel 4’s “Monster Garage”. From 2005 to 2009, China appeared as a celebrity guest in the BBC show “Ready Steady Cook”, featured in “Fifth Gear”, “Pulling Power”, and “This Morning” showcasing his inventions, and was a guest on The Culture Show in 2008 and 2009.

Edd China holds numerous world records too, and he entered the Guinness World Records book driving the fastest furniture (140 km/h) in 1998 – he later broke the record himself in 2007, but Perry Watkins broke it in 2010. In 2005, he created the largest motorised shopping cart called “Trolleyshoppus Rex”, with dimensions of 2,99 × 1,80 × 3,47 m. China holds the record (2006) for Fastest office named “Hot Desk” (140 km/h), Fastest mobile bed (2008) “Street Sleeper” (111 km/h), Fastest Toilet “Bog Standard” (68 km/h)(2011) , and Fastest garden shed “Gone to Speed” (94 km/h)(2011).

However, not all is positive, as his MOT and Servicing Garage in Bracknell called Grease Junkie, was declared bankrupt in August 2016, which may well have effected his net worth, but it re-opened the following year after debts were cleared.

Regarding his personal life, Edd China is now married to longtime girlfriend Imogen. Edd China has 136,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,000 tweets.

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