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February 16, 2023
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Mark Thomas was born on the 29th March 2001, in Pennsylvania, USA, and under the name Duhitzmark, is an Internet star as well as a singer. He rose to fame thanks to his posts on the websites musical.ly and YouNow. Also up until now, Duhitzmark has released four singles and an EP album, and has been active in the entertainment industry since 2015.

How much is the net worth of Duhitzmark? It has been reported by authoritative sources that the outright size of his wealth is as much as $300,000, as of the data presented at the end of 2017. Music, social networking sites as well as merchandise are the major sources of Duhitzmark’s modest fortune.

Duhitzmark Net Worth $300,000

To begin with, the boy was raised with his sister in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, where he is also home-schooled. As a child, he was interested in soccer and reading books, but when 11 years old, he created his account on Twitter, although he didn’t started using social media networks regularly until the age of 14.

Concerning his professional career, from 2015 Duhitzmark started posting on Twitter regularly, and up until now he has gathered almost 550,000 followers. Meanwhile, he started posting on Instagram too, on which he has close to three million followers. For live broadcasts, Duhitzmark signed to YouNow in which his audience has been counted at nearly 700,000 fans, as well as more than 12.5 million views. In addition to this, he started collaborating with other internet celebrities, including Zack Clayton, Loren Gray and Nathan Triska, and opened an account on musical.ly, to which he has attracted more than 4.5 million fans. Finally, he also has a channel on probably the most popular website – YouTube – on which Duhitzmark has an audience of nearly 800,000 subscribers, and his videos have been watched over 27 million times.

What is more, Duhitzmark has started a career as a singer. In the middle of 2016, he debuted with his single release entitled “Selfie”, which has accumulated more than six million views on YouTube. Several months later, his second single “Mistletoe” was released, and this time, the YouTube post of the song has so far amassed almost five million views. The singer has subsequently released the singles “Down for a While” (2016), “Side Chick” (2016) and “Turn Up” (2017), all of which are popular on YouTube. All the aforementioned songs are listed on the mini album entitled “Down for a While”, which was released in early 2017.

To conclude, all the aforementioned engagements including merchandise on his personal website adds significant sums to the total size of Dubitzmark net worth.

Finally, in the personal life of the singer and internet celebrity, because of his relatively young age, he hasn’t been in any known relationship yet, and continues to live with his parents. Mark regularly exercises in the gym.

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