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April 18, 2024
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James Rheuben Andrews is a Homer, Louisiana-born American orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee, elbow and shoulder joint injuries. Born in September 1942, James Andrews is considered one of the most renowned orthopedic surgeons in the world given his links with major celebrities and his reputed excellence in medical practice.

So just how rich is James Andrews? As of 2015 James has an estimated net worth of over a $100 million, the major contribution to his wealth being his successful medical practice. Currently, he works at The Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic center in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr James Andrews Net Worth $100 Million

Regarded as one of the richest doctors, Dr. Andrews graduated with his undergraduate medical degree from Louisiana State University, where he was also an athlete, including winning a Southeastern Conference Championship in pole vaulting. He completed his residency in Tulane Medical School, and his fellowships in University of Virginia School Of Medicine and University of Lyon. He started-off taking care of kids in high schools and colleges. He became involved in business in 1986, and with his partner Larry Lemak he established “Alabama Sports Medicine and Orthopedic center” and “American Sports Medicine Institute”. Both these institutes are responsible for significant contributions to his high net worth.

James is especially reputable because his is known for having performed major surgeries on many high profile names in the sports and entertainment business. These personalities and celebrities include “Kevin Smith”, “Tom Brady”, “Shawn Michaels”, “CM Punk”, “John Cena”, “Triple H”,” Randy Orton”, and “Edge”. Additionally, he is also a team doctor for “Auburn”, ”Alabama” and the “Washington Redskins” American football teams. Moreover, he has also worked on other celebrities like “Michael Jordan”, “Charles Barkley”, “Jonny Venters”, “Adrian Peterson”, “Rajon Rondo”, “Bo Jackson” and many big names. Andrews with his work on high profile clients has helped a lot in his worth and recognition.

Successful in making himself an alpha doc at the sports-medicine network, it is hard to find an athlete, a coach or a therapist without Andrew’s contact in their ‘phone. His work has been praised by many sports sites and his clients themselves. ESPN has praised his role in the development of sports-medicine in an article, which also mentioned the names of some of his high profile clients. Kevin Smith (actor, director, film producer, author, comedian and a public speaker) has said that Dr. Andrews in orthopedics is like Jay-Z in the rapping industry. There is little doubt that Dr. Andrews has been the savior of many major athletes’ careers.

Dr. Andrews is also known for being the founder of Health South Sports Medicine Council and was one of the creators of the “Go for It Roadshow”. Additionally he has been serving on the medical advisory board for Tenex Health Inc., which is a medical device company manufacturing and marketing the Tenex Health TX system for the treatment of chronic pain in tendon and fascia.

Along with his medical practices Dr. Andrews also owns a minor league baseball team which is estimated to have yearly revenue of $60 million. In 2011 he signed a 10 year, $100 million contract with the New York Yankees. He has also written a book “Any Given Monday”. The book is about preventing and treating injuries in youth sports.

Regarding his personal life, Dr. Andrews is married to Jenelle: and they have six children, and reside in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

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