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April 18, 2024
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What is LuluLuvely’s real name?

LuluLuvely was born in Texas, USA on 10 October 1993 – her zodiac sign is Libra, and she holds American nationality. Her first name is Lindsey, but she hasn’t revealed her surname.

She’s a YouTuber, Twitcher, gamer, and a social media star, who’s perhaps known best for her eponymous YouTube channel which she launched on 15 July 2017; it’s today subscribed to by more than 700,000 people, and numbers over 92 million views of all her videos combined. She’s mostly focused on uploading videos which feature her playing video games, with a couple of her favorites being “Apex Legends”, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” and “Overwatch”.

Early life and education

LuluLuvely was raised in Texas by her parents, about whom nothing’s known as she respects their privacy, but it’s said that her father’s a car mechanic, and that her mother’s a real estate agent. LuluLuvely hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, but it’s believed that she has a brother and a sister.

She became interested in playing video games while still attending a local elementary school, and preferred to spend her spare time with boys rather than girls, mostly because she was able to talk about video games and sports with them. Upon enrolling at a local high school, LuluLuvely began playing various sports, including soccer and tennis, and continued playing video games, both alone and with her friends.


Upon matriculating in 2011, she enrolled at The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2015; LuluLuvely then moved to New York, where she’s still living today.

Most popular YouTube videos

LuluLuvely’s mostly popular for her amazing skills at the video game “Apex Legends”, but also for her sense of humor, as well as skills at several other games. We’re going to mention three of her most popular YouTube videos, which have helped her gain many subscribers.

Her #1 video “APEX PREDATOR ON THE 1ST DAY OF RANKED SPLIT | Apex Legends Season 6 Highlights” has been watched close to 1.3 million times, and features her reaching the highest rank in “Apex Legends” in only a day.

LuluLuvely’s second most popular video “The Full Grind from Diamond to Masters Rank (Every Win) | Apex Legends” has been viewed over 1.1 million times since 18 March 2021, and features her promoting from the Diamond rank to the Masters rank in “Apex Legends”.

Her third most watched video “(JUST WATCH!) MY BEST EVER CAUSTIC GAME (1v9!) | Apex Legends Season 5 Ranked Highlights” has been viewed close to 900,000 times since 27 June 2020, and features her playing with the character Caustic in “Apex Legends”, and soloing nine people.

Twitch statistics

LuluLuvely launched her Twitch channel on 30 June 2015, and has since amassed over a million followers, making her the owner of the #453 most popular Twitch channel (#230 English channel).


She has livestreamed for a total of over 6,100 hours (254 days), and has amassed close to 24 million total views, while she has an average of over 4,700 viewers per livestream; LuluLuvely’s highest recorded number of concurrent viewers was 26,702 on 4 May 2021.

She’s mostly focused on livestreaming while playing “Apex Legends” (3,680 hours), but has also played “Fortnite: Battle Royale” (640 hours), “Overwatch” (242 hours) and “Valorant” (2012 hours).

Presence on social media networks

LuluLuvely’s highly active on Instagram, having amassed over 350,000 followers, and uploaded close to 100 pictures, the majority of which have been taken during her everyday life.

She launched her Twitter account in July 2011, and has since attracted close to 300,000 followers, while she’s tweeted nearly 11,000 times, mostly to announce the upload of her new YouTube videos, as well as her livestream sessions. She has a Facebook page as well, but seems to be using it just to keep in touch with her closest friends and family members.

LuluLuvely’s a TikTok star too, and her account’s today followed by over 550,000 people, while she totals more than 12 million likes of all her videos combined, the vast majority featuring her playing “Apex Legends”.


Love life and boyfriend

LuluLuvely was highly secretive about her love life until just recently – in April 2021 she revealed that she’s in a relationship, announced in a tweet, and stating that she’s aware that this is going to reduce the number of viewers she has on Twitch; however, LuluLuvely was pleasantly surprised, as her view count has remained the same.

She hasn’t revealed any details concerning her boyfriend, as she protects his privacy. She’s also spoken about her love life prior to meeting him, explaining that she had no luck in love in high school and college, and that she spent five years single following graduation, without dating anyone.


There are some people on the internet who still believe LuluLuvely to be lesbian – this hasn’t been confirmed, nor has she commented, but her recent revelation would seem to make this unlikely.

As of September 2021, LuluLuvely’s in a relationship, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

LuluLuvely’s a huge lover of animals, with dogs and wolves being her favorites; she has a pet dog called Presley, and it can be seen featured in many of her Instagram pictures.

She’s physically highly active, and has multiple training sessions at the gym each week, while she’s also following a special diet, thus her slim figure. LuluLuvely enjoys showing off her body in her Instagram pictures, as well as at the beach, which is why summer’s her favorite season.


She’s into travelling, and has been to a couple of US states, as well as to several European countries, including Italy and France.

LuluLuvely’s favorite TV series is “Peaky Blinders”. She also enjoys watching movies, and her favorite actor and actress are Eddie Redmayne and Kate Winslet, while a couple of her favorite films are “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, “Titanic” and “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

LuluLuvely’s a fan of tattoos but is afraid of the needle, which is why she doesn’t have any.

Age, height and net worth

LuluLuvely’s age is 27. She has long blonde hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and she weighs around 132lbs (60kgs).

As of September 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $1.3 million.

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