Deborah R. Nelson-Mahers Net Worth

March 3, 2023
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Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers was born on 6 January 1955, in St Joseph, Missouri USA, to Bob Nelson and Betty Hixson, and is best known as a mother of a worldwide popular rapper Marshall Mathers III, known as Eminem.

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When it comes to her early life and education, Deborah had a very difficult childhood and thus wasn’t able to finish her education in Lancaster High School. By her mid-teenage years, she had already been married to Marshall Mathers II and gave birth to their son, Marshall Mathers III. Moving forward, speaking about Nelson-Mathers’ jobs, she only mentioned that she had some lowly menial jobs, but her son denied that, stating that she had never had a job and their family was dependent on welfare organizations that helped them with money, and that his family would often change their residence altering from between Kansas City and Detroit and live in low class neighbourhoods. In addition to that Deborah would reportedly accuse organizations of wrong doings and try to get money from them, and she would also invent her children’s illnesses in hopes of getting money. However, she is best known as the co-author of the book entitled ‘’My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem’’ alongside with Annette Witheridge, and the result of their collaboration was published in 2008. When it comes to critical response and the reviews from the audience, it was reported that the previously mentioned autobiography was sold 100,000 times in the UK alone.

“My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” includes the aspects of Deborah’s early life, her troubles with Eminem growing up and dealing with his worldwide fame and success. In the previously mentioned book, Nelson-Mathers accused her son of making things up and lying about their private life in order to gain more fame, but despite all of that, she said with that she isn’t mad at her son for doing so, but that she “regrets keeping quiet as Em cultivated his public persona of a trailer dweller with a crazy welfare mom”. In addition to Deborah’s side of the story, “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” features the poems Eminem wrote when he was younger, and which were never seen before. Shortly after the release of the book, Nelson-Mathers was sued by Neal Alpert, who was allegedly supposed to get a percentage of the book’s earnings as he had helped Deborah write it. However, speaking about the critical reception, “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem” received generally positive response, and Mike Sweeney of New Statesman featured it on the list of five of the most controversial memoirs. In addition to writing the book, Nelson-Mathers also released a CD “Dear Marshall”, which featured three songs.

When it comes to Deborah’s private life, she comes from a background in a poor family and a difficult childhood being harassed by her stepfather. Her son, Eminem, whom she gave birth to at the age of 17, had a difficult relationship with her, as he bullied her in his songs, accusing her of being the reason behind his problematic and poverty stricken childhood. In addition to that, his fans would often harass her in real life. In one interview in 2008, she revealed she had breast cancer, and after her announcement, Eminem reached out to her and their relationship eventually improved as they reunited. Besides being Eminem’s mother, she is also the mother of Nathan ‘’Nate’’ Kane Mathers. Speaking about her family life, she had four siblings Steven Nelson, Todd Nelson, Betty Renee and Ronnie Polkinghorn; Ronnie committed suicide and her mother apparently tried to commit suicide numerous times.

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