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March 4, 2024
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David Eric “Dave” Grohl is a widely known rock star who played along side the famous Kurt Cobain in Nirvana and is the founder of the rock band Foo Fighters. Obviously playing drums are not the only talent that Dave has. He is a song writer, producer, plays the guitar and even sings. So how rich is this amazing rock talent? Today Dave Grohl’s net wort is $260 million. This huge net worth Dave achieved not only performing with the previously mentioned bands, but he participated in more than a few projects with well known artists like Tenacious D, Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, David Bowie and even Paul McCartney.

Dave Grohl Net Worth $260 Million

Grohl’s interest in music started in his adolescence, since he began taking guitar lessons from the age of twelve, and after his cousin took him to a few punk rock music shows, Dave knew that this is the path he wants to go.

Switching schools more than once for his marihuana use, Dave played the guitar in a few local bands. But playing the guitar was not enough for Grohl, so he thought him self to play drums and that’s what gave him the start to gain this huge net worth. At the age of seventeen David got a spot in a band named Scream, even though he did lie about his age while auditioning and claimed that he was twenty. Grohl dropped out of school in his junior year to go on tour with his new band and as he sad in his latter interviews he never regretted doing this. A few years latter when the Scream had split up, Dave got in touch with Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic and auditioned for one of the most powerful rock band- Nirvana. The fame and success rushed their way, but Dave did not feel too special in the band, according to him, he was just one of many drummers. Despite the fact that most of the songs in the band was written by Kurt Cobain, Grohl did not gave up, he wrote his own songs and released them in 1992 by the nick name “Late!”.

In 1994 devastated after Kurt’s sudden suicide, Dave created an amazing album of his own, and I mean all on his own. Not only that he singed the vocal part of his written songs, but Grohl played most of the instruments that where used in this album. And his efforts didn’t went unnoticed, Capital Records signed a contract with Dave and that was the beginning of one of the most successful rock bands of the twenty fist century- Foo Fighters. Grohl as the lead singer and rhythm guitar player recruited Pat Smear (guitar), William Goldsmith (drums) and Nate Mendel (bass) as the members of the band and started a Grammy awards wining journey. The biggest success the band stroke at the year 2000, after the singles “Everlong”, “All My Life” and the album “Last Night” was nominated for a Grammy award, for the best album of the year.

Even though Dave Grohl is living a luxurious life with his $260 million net worth, he is one of the nicest celebrities, who’s a loving husband, father of two and a man that stands up for gay rights. Unlike most rock stars, Dave claims that he’s never done cocaine, heroine and from the age of 20 he stopped using marihuana and LSD.

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