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March 8, 2023
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Danielle Andrea Harris was born on the 1st June 1977 in Plainview, New York USA, into a Jewish family, and is an actress, best known for appearing in horror films, including Halloween franchise “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers” (1988), “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers” (1989), and others from the series, and also in films “Urban Legend” (1998), and “Stake Land” (2010), among other productions. Her career has been active since 1985.

Have you ever wondered how rich Danielle Harris is, as of mid- 2016? According to sources it has been estimated that Danielle Harris` net worth is as high as $10 million, earned mostly appearing in horror flicks, however she has also appeared in other genres, including “The Last Boy Scout” (1991), “Daylight” (1996), and others, which have also added a lot to her net worth.

Danielle Harris Net Worth $10 Million

Danielle and her sister were raised by their mother, living in Florida, and New York. While in elementary school, Danielle won a beauty contest and as a prize, she was sent to New York on a ten-day trip. While there, she was spotted by several talent agents, who offered her the chance to become a child model, however, she had to decline the offers, as her mother was still in Florida. However, a few years later, the whole family moved back to New York, and her career was ready to begin. Danielle started to work as a model, and then began appearing in commercials.
Danielle made her acting debut in the soap opera “One Life To Live” in 1987, and since then has appeared in over 80 film and TV titles, all of which have helped increase her net worth. The following year, she was chosen for the role of Jamie Lloyd in “Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers”, and repeated her role in the sequel “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers” (1989), and was then cast in the role of Annie Brackett in the remake “Halloween” (2007) and “Halloween II” (2009).

After her initial stint in the Halloween franchise, Danielle continued successfully with film and TV roles, appearing in such productions as “Marked for Death” (1990), and “Don`t Touch My Daughter” (1991). She then appeared in the TV series “Roseanne” (1992-1993), and in 1993 appeared as Elvis Presley`s daughter Priscilla Jackson in the film “The Woman Who Loved Elvis”. She continued with successful appearances in films “Wish Upon a Star” (1996), “Shattered Image” (1996), and “Urban Legend” (1998), increasing further her net worth.

With the beginning of the new millennium nothing changed for Danielle, as she continued to acquire notable roles, such as in TV series “That’s Life” (2000-2002), as Plum Wilkinson, then as Barbie in “Killer Bud” (2001), as Leila in “The Partners” (2003), and as Liz Bronner in “Debating Robert Lee” (2004).

In the second half of the 2000s, Danielle`s net worth increased by landing roles in such films as “Left for Dead” (2007), “Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet” (2009), and “The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond” (2009).

To speak further of her accomplishments, in 2010, she featured in several projects; the most successful ones were the “Hatchet II”, and the film “Stake Land”. In 2011, she also had several successful projects, such as “The Trouble with the Truth”, and “The Victim”, among others, all of which added to her net worth.

By the 2015, Danielle starred in films “Hatchett III” (2013), “Camp Dread” (2014), and “Hallow`s Eve” (2014).

Most recently, she had roles in “Havenhurst” (2016), and is in the cast of the film “Inoperable”, which is currently in post-production.

Thanks to her skills, Danielle has received several awards, including induction into the Fangoria Horror Hall of Fame in 2012 ,by the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Regarding her personal life, Danielle has been married to David Gross since 2014.

She was a victim of a stalker, who sent her threatening letters, and even came to her house bringing a teddy bear and a shotgun. It all ended in a restraining order in 2009.

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