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June 20, 2023
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Best known for his method acting, Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the most prominent actors of Hollywood who is noted for garnering Academy Award for best actor thrice till date. Being born in Greenwich, London as Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis, he holds both English and Irish citizenship, as a Northern Irish and English descendent. Born on April 29, 1957, he debuted in the British drama film, “Sunday Bloody Sunday” at the age of fourteen and has been acting ever since.

One of the most critically acclaimed actors in Hollywood, how rich is Daniel? He currently enjoys a net worth of $50 million accumulated mostly from his acting fees. Acting in only a few movies, Daniel is able to command $8-10 million for each role. He splits his time in between Ireland and USA where he owns two luxury homes. He is not a lavish spender, and has never let himself enjoy all the luxuries that he probably deserves for his great work.

Daniel Day-Lewis Net Worth $50 Million

His father, Cecil Day-Lewis was a poet of the United Kingdom whereas, and his mother, Jill Balcon, an English actress. His maternal grandfather, Sir Michael Balcon was one of the producers in British cinema as well as the head of Ealing studios, who also served as the chairman of the British Institute’s Experimental Film Fund. Born as second child after his sister, Tamasin, currently a documentary film-maker and celebrity chef, Daniel was a very wild child: he was found to have been involved in petty crimes like shoplifting. Due to his behaviour he was sent to different schools, like Seven Oaks School and Bedales. Being interested in performing arts from his childhood, he started seeing himself as a good actor and started focusing more on bettering his acting skills.

Following his passion in acting, he acted in movies like “Gandhi”, “The Bounty”, “My Beautiful Laundrette” among others in the early 80s. Being a method actor, he likes to learn in depth about the character he is playing. He has won three Oscar awards in leading roles for “My Left Foot” (1989), “There Will be Blood” (2007) and Lincoln (2012). Daniel acts in very few movies and can remain in hiatus for as long as five years, as he has done only five movies since 1998, nevertheless, he is one of the A-listed Hollywood actors. Regardless, this less-than- prolific actor has made all his works worthwhile for his fans, and at the same time he has used his talent to increase his net worth extensively.

Reluctant to discuss his personal life, Daniel dated French actress Isabelle Adjani, but ended their relationship after six years; their son Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis was born several months after the couple split up. In 1996, he married Rebecca Miller, daughter of play-write Arthur Miller, and the couple has two sons. He likes to spend his time with his family and take them to exotic places for vacation. He is also fan of football club “Millwall”. Daniel is known as a kind hearted man who is frequently involves in charity work. Recently, he donated money to an Irish NGO, “Wicklow Hospice Foundation”, by auctioning his memorabilia from the movie “Lincoln”. For services to drama, he became Sir Daniel Day-Lewis in 2014.

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