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February 21, 2023
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Daniel James Howell was born on 11 June 1991, in Wokingham, Berkshire, England, and is a radio personality and video blogger, probably best known for his YouTube channel Danisnotonfire, and for co-hosting the BBC Radio 1 shows “Dan and Phil” and “Internet Takeover”.

An internet star, how rich is Daniel Howell? According to sources, Howell has earned a net worth of over $2 million, as of mid-2016. He has acquired his wealth through his YouTube and radio career.

Dan Howell Net Worth $2 Million

Howell was raised in Wokingham along with his younger brother. He worked at Focus DIY retail chains and later at Asda supermarket. He attended The Forest School in Winnersh, Berkshire and then enrolled at Manchester University in 2010 to study Law. However, the following year he dropped out of college to pursue a career in YouTube and radio.

Encouraged by friends, Howell uploaded his first video called “Hello Internet” on YouTube in 2009, announcing his plans to upload vlogs and comedy skits to his channel called Danisnotonfire. He went on to upload various other videos, many of which feature his best friend and flatmate Phil Lester. In 2010 Howell uploaded a video called “AmazingDan” in which Lester answers questions from viewers. The following year he uploaded another video with Lester called “How To Make British Pancakes”. In 2012 his video “How to Speak Internet” came out, in which he and his fellow YouTubers explain various Internet slang expressions. Howell’s videos became a huge hit on YouTube, gathering millions of followers – his channel has had over five million subscribers and 344 million views, as of late 2015.

In 2012 Howell entered a YouTube competition called “SuperNote” and won. He was featured in the video series called “Becoming YouTube”, which focused on various aspects of becoming an internet star. His blog about the process of making creative YouTube videos then appeared in The Huffington Post.

Along with his friend Phil Lester, Howell collaborated with BBC Radio 1, producing videos for the station’s YouTube channel called “Edinburgh Festival Fringe”, while also presenting its two Christmas broadcasts. In early 2013 they took the role as presenters of the station’s entertainment show called “The Radio 1 Request Show”, featuring the hosts’ various challenges, interviews with musicians, amateur music videos from the audience and song requests – the show won the Sony Golden Headphones award, and was eventually renamed to “Dan and Phil” and was broadcast until August 2014. Right after the show, Howell and Lester joined the cast of the online video vlogging community, presenting the BBC radio show called “The Internet Takeover”. The show was focused on discussing Internet news and pop culture, and was aired by mid-2016. Both BBC shows have significantly added to Howell’s net worth.

In the meantime, the duo worked on a YouTube channel for My Damn Channel, as presenters of “The Super Amazing Project” which was focused on investigation of paranormal events. In 2014 they began hosting the worldwide YouTube live-stream of the Brit Awards, using the backstage to make videos for their channels. The same year they created their new gaming YouTube channel called “DanandPhilGAMES”, which became the fastest growing channel on YouTube, gathering over a million subscribers in a year. In 2015 the spin-off channel called “DanAndPhilCRAFTS” was launched as an April Fools joke, and had more that 154,000 subscribers and 500,000 views in one week. Along with Lester, Howell is a creator of the popular mobile app The 7 Second Challenge.

In 2015 the internet duo got voice cameo appearances in the UK cinema release of Disney’s film “Big Hero 6” as Technicians. The same year they released their book called “The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire”. It hit the top of the General Hardbacks Sunday Times Bestsellers list, being sold in 26,745 copies in the first week of the release. It later became No. 1 New York Times Bestseller in the young adult hardcover list – Howell’s wealth was boosted considerably. He and Phil Lester went on a tour around the UK, called The Amazing Tour Is Not on Fire, which was followed by a tour around the USA.

Howell’s involvement in the internet and radio has shot him to fame and built him a considerable wealth. In 2012, he was voted “Hottest Lad of the Year” by readers of the Sugarscape web magazine. Two years later he was named Lovie Internet Video Personality of the Year.

In his personal life, Howell is extremely secretive. Therefore, nothing is known about his current relationship status. In 2010 and 2011, he joined the annual internet broadcast called “Stickaid”, a fundraiser that encourages viewers to make donations to the charity UNICEF.

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