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April 18, 2024
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Who is Daisy Keech?

Daisy Keech is an online fitness influencer, born on 12th August 1999, in Los Angeles, California USA. The Californian content creator, who has millions of followers across various platforms, is 5ft 4in (1.67m) tall and weighs 121lbs (55kgs), with impressive vital statistics of 34-26-34.

YouTube Channel

Daisy’s first video, “5 EXERCISES TO BUILD A BIGGER BOOTY!! That butt squeeze though”, was uploaded on 25 February 2018, and has since been viewed over 260,000 times. The future influencer was just eighteen years old at the time, but already knew what she wished to dedicate herself to: educating others and guiding them on their fitness journey.

With no clear aim for her channel, at first Daisy uploaded vlogs, grocery hauls, manifestation videos, and even modelled underwear for her steadily growing fanbase. Later on, she found her niche and stuck to gym videos, which included workout tips and a natural make-up tutorial.

Thanks to her good looks and bubbly personality, Daisy soon landed endorsement deals with online brands, and made a name for herself in the fitness community.

Hype House

The Hype House was a “content house” where various influencers lived and worked together.


A concept which took off in 2019 thanks to TikTok’s newfound popularity, the house was first rented by Daisy’s former best friend and online starlet, Thomas Petrou, and TikTok celebrity Chase Hudson.

Daisy and Thomas met in late 2019, and she hired him as her full-time photographer and editor. In November of the same year, the Hype House’s founding members – who included Chase, Alex Warren, and Kouvr Annon – found the perfect abode for their creative ventures. According to Daisy, she and Chase paid more than the other members, something which Thomas later denied.

Thanks to a January 2020 New York Times interview, the Hype House received an outpouring of attention and publicity which Daisy found “intimidating”.

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The interview erroneously stated that Thomas and Chase were the two co-founders, with the gym fanatic later saying that the duo “took over” the interview, adding: “I kind of already assumed that Thomas and Chase would have already given the other co-founders credit, not even just myself, because, out of integrity that’s just what you do”.

In February 2020, Daisy shared an amusing YouTube video of the daily comings and goings of the Hype House. By this time, the collectives’ members included Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and other Gen Z household names. She reportedly moved out in the same month; by then, the seemingly sweet relationship between the Californian and her housemates had turned sour.


A music video which was shot in the Hype House in early March became another bone of contention, with Daisy claiming that nobody told her, and that she should’ve been informed. Thomas later showed text messages in which he told Daisy about the music video, and she replied asking if they would be paid.

March 28th marked the beginning of the public feud between Daisy and Thomas: having decided to sue him and Chase, she took to YouTube to share her side of the story, and accused Thomas of being “demeaning towards women” and “manipulative”. Thomas replied the next day with a succinct Instagram story which read “Lies on lies on lies”, and a catty comment on a TikTok featuring Daisy which read “disgusting”.

Just two days later, Daisy’s latest content house, “the Clubhouse”, debuted on TikTok and Instagram, while Thomas promised that he’d speak out and tell “the real truth”. His scathing YouTube video was uploaded on 2nd April, and poked holes in Daisy’s story; Thomas also branded his former friend as standoffish, claimed that she mostly stayed in her room while living in the Hype House, and pointed out that she never posted content on the collectives’ TikTok account.

On 4th April 2020, the Hype House fanbase exploded with speculations that Daisy was dissing Thomas with a TikTok video in which she sang along to Ariana Grande’s “In My Head”, mouthing the words “look at you, boy I invented you”.


Despite claiming that the TikTok wasn’t aimed at anyone, quarantine boredom and a lack of better things to do fueled the online gossip. Currently, little is known about Daisy’s lawsuit against Thomas and Chase, or the relationship between the three.


The Hype House controversy isn’t the only time that Daisy has been criticized. In June 2020, aspiring make-up artist Nikita Dragun dragged the fitness influencer for dating her ex-, Michael Yerger. However, the public took Daisy’s side, and Michael came forwards to claim that the relationship was “forced” and that he was paid by Nikita to play the role of doting boyfriend.


In March 2021, a YouTube video entitled “How Is Daisy Keech Getting Away With This?!” called the model out for selling expensive workout plans which she didn’t use herself. In the same month, a dietitian reviewed the Californian content creator’s diet, and blasted her for including activated charcoal, which comes with a number of potentially harmful side effects.

A popular comment on the diet review video read: “The fact that Daisy Keech, among many other influencers, have a workout guide and food plan (that costs $, might I add) is SO concerning because she has 0 credentials, certifications or degrees. I don’t understand how this is legal”. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the blonde’s fans from purchasing her at-home programs.


Personal Life

In the midst of the Hype House drama, Daisy was photographed having a meal with Brody Jenner, Kylie and Kendall’s lesser-known half-brother. A relationship was never confirmed by either, and it’s possible that Brody, a lowkey character, called it off due to the unwanted attention.

Despite the occasional controversy, Daisy’s current relationship with Michael is going strongly. The pair regularly share cute snaps with their followers. Even before his rocky relationship with Nikita, Michael was no stranger to the public eye, having appeared in the 2018 edition of “Survivor: Ghost Island”.

Net Worth

As of late 2021, Daisy is said to be worth over $1 million, thanks to selling her diet and workout plans. She also earns a regular income from YouTube and other online endorsements, be it with clothing brands or gym supplement companies.

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