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April 18, 2024
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Courtney Shepherd, better known as NYYXXII, is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber famous for her chatty videos, good looks, and a couple of controversies too. Although she’s still an on-the-rise internet personality, her vast amount of content and hilarious interactions with other famous creators have massively increased NYYXXII’s audience

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After conquering Twitch and YouTube, Courtney has expanded beyond the platforms to gain thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok, on top of launching a Patreon account with exclusive content for her most dedicated followers.

So what is there to know about NYYXXII? When did she start on social media and what’s her content about? What about her family and romantic partners? Keep reading to find out.

Early Life

NYYXXII was born on 7 April 1999 in England. Her real name is Courtney Shepherd and she has a sister named Atlantis, but the identity of the rest of her family is unknown.


As Courtney revealed in an interview with the online show “Knowing The Who”, she faced many issues related to her self-esteem, and while growing up wasn’t allowed to have many friends due to her parents’ overprotection. According to her, her parents often put Courtney and her siblings against each other, based on their performances in school and other aspects of their lives.

In the same interview, Courtney revealed that she only had one friend in primary school, and none at all in secondary high school. During that time, she felt isolated and often had lunch with the librarian due to her lack of social life, interacting with adults instead of teens her age. It wasn’t until high school that Courtney felt her social life improve, having an admittedly ‘great’ time.

Courtney studied Acting, and graduated in 2022.

Rise To Fame

Courtney Shepherd started streaming on Twitch in June 2020, at a time when she’d just recently gotten over a depressive episode, and had her studies halted due to COVID-19, as she told “Knowing The Who”.

Under the username NYYXXII, Courtney’s content steadily gained traction online thanks to her personality and outgoing attitude. In 2022, NYYXXII appeared in a live stream alongside the very famous Canadian Twitch creator and then-boyfriend xQc, immediately making lots of noise online, and reaching new audiences thanks to it.

Though her short collaboration with xQc did wonders to put NYYXXII’s name in the headlines, by the time she appeared on his Twitch channel she already had hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitch, while her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube had gained thousands of fans as well.


What’s Her Content About?

NYYXXII’s content varies depending on the platform she’s on. Her Twitch account mostly focuses on chatting live streams, often talking about gaming and adult themes. Similarly, NYYXXII’s YouTube channel has a similar focus, often sharing clips and highlights about her Twitch conversations.

NYYXXII’s TikTok account is considerably less active than her other socials, focusing on videos meant for general audiences such as personal topics, viral trends, and sponsorships. Her X (Twitter) account is vastly different from her other social media, as it shows Courtney’s most personal side with her criticism about social topics and her everyday life. On the other hand, NYYXXII’s Instagram mostly features her selfies and outings with friends.

Last but not least, NYYXXII creates exclusive content for Patreon, offering her fans several subscription plans which include adult content and chatting.


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Family & Personal Life

Despite the negative family experiences she had in her early life, Courtney Shepherd is seemingly on good terms with her family.

Although in an interview with the podcast “Knowing The Who” she affirmed that she’d dealt with self-esteem issues related to her mother’s criticism of her body, Courtney shared a loving pic of her mom in celebration of Mother’s Day in 2021, describing her as her life’s example.

Judging by the pics Courtney has shared with her siblings from time to time, it’s safe to assume she’s also on good terms with them. However, nothing is known about her relationship with her father.

Courtney has also openly talked about her mental health, affirming she’s suffered from depressive periods which have led her to gain lots of weight, on top of admitting she has a strong procrastination habit.


Romantic Life

NYYXXII identifies herself as bisexual, and strongly condemns homophobia, sexism, bullying, and racism on her Twitch streams.

Regarding her romantic life, the only known partner of NYYXXII has been Twitch’s streamer xQc, with whom she briefly went out in late 2022. Nonetheless, their relationship was surrounded by controversy as xQc was accused of cheating on her previous girlfriend with NYYXXII.

As xQc affirmed back then, he and his ex-girlfriend, the Twitch streamer Adeptthebest, had recently broken up when he started going out with NYYXXII, denying the infidelity claims. Not long after that, Courtney and xQc split for good and she apologized to Adeptthebest, as she felt she’d caused trouble for her.

Courtney has had several relationships in her adult life, as she revealed in an interview with “Knowing The Who” in 2021

Other Issues

In February 2022, Courtney faced a scary situation while on an outing. As she explained in an X thread, she was hanging out with friends at a hotel when a security guard started acting flirtatious and suspicious around her.

Though Courtney didn’t catch the man’s intentions at first, she felt increasingly uncomfortable and eventually went back to her room, surprisingly finding her door unlocked the morning after. The situation made Courtney nervous about the possibility of the man entering her room, leading her to report the incident to the local police.

Fortunately, the hotel’s staff investigated the situation and found out that her door hadn’t been unlocked throughout the night. She didn’t press any charges against the man, but admitted she felt relieved that the situation didn’t go overboard.


Appearance & Net Worth

NYYXXII is a white woman. She has green eyes and brunette hair which she often dyes blonde, and styles very creatively. Her weight is unknown, but her height is 5ft 3ins (1.60m).

Courtney isn’t shy about showing the changes her appearance has gone through in recent years, also openly talking about the changes that her mental health caused in her weight during her early days in university.

According to online sources, NYYXXII has an estimated net worth of $500,000, resulting from earnings coming from her online content, brand sponsorships, and subscriptions to her Patreon.

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