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March 2, 2023
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Curtis Snow was born in 1982, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is a film star and writer best known for his depiction of his own life in the reality/drama film entitled “Snow on tha Bluff”. The film was successful, and led Curtis to write his own book and be featured in various rap videos. His determination to move away from a life of drug dealing and crime helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Curtis Snow? Sources inform us of that his net worth is at $300,000, mostly earned through the success of the film and his book. He’s also worked on partnerships with DGK for skateboards and shirts that have helped raise his wealth.

Curtis Snow Net Worth $300,000

Curtis grew up in a neighborhood called the Bluff, an area in Georgia well known for drug dealing and crime sprees. His father was a drug dealer and his mom was an addict, so unsurprisingly Curtis soon became involved in he drug dealing business, also in desperation to ward off poverty. He made a lot of money from robberies and selling drugs, but eventually all the money he earned would be used on bail and legal fees from the times he was arrested. This prompted him to think about how to move forward with his life. The most tragic week that’s happened in his life was when his brother was murdered and his mom died from a brain aneurysm during the funeral. In the following years, Curtis would struggle to shy away from a life of crime and find success doing something legitimate.

He finally found opportunity when he presented the idea of a film to Chris Knittel and director Damon Russell. The movie “Snow on tha Bluff” was said to have both fictional as well as real life footage. The film depicts Snow’s life of robbery and violence, fighting other drug lords and rival gangs. He did drug deals, and the events of his life even led to the death of his girlfriend and mother of his child. The indie film received numerous awards, for both Best Editing and Best Feature Film. It was shown at various film festivals like the Slamdance Film Festival, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, and many others. The film received mix criticisms and reviews: many liked the film due its raw nature and how it accurately depicted the life in these crime ridden neighborhoods. Promotion for the film caused a stir from the media, politicians and police groups, and even prompted the Atlanta Police Department to investigate a string of home invasions. In 2011, there was an attempt on Snow’s life when he was attacked using a box-cutter knife, and a melee in one of the showings due to a depiction of a child carrying a bag of cocaine with a razor blade.

Curtis started to become famous and was featured in numerous rap videos from artists like T.I., Killer Mike and Gucci Mane. It also prompted Curtis to write his book entitled “My Name is Curtis Snow and I’m a G”. The book depicts more details about his life and how he got out of crime.

Aside from this, not much is known about Curtis’ current status. He mentioned in an interview that he was looking for any type of work that could fit his talents, whether it was acting, film, rapping, he was an open book. He also has a son.

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