Colion Noir Net Worth

February 18, 2023
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Born as Collins Iyare Idehan, Jr, on the 27th November 1983 in Huston, Texas, USA, Colion is a gun rights activist, member of the National Rifle Association ( NRA ), lawyer, YouTube original content creator, and the host of the web series “Noir”, on the NRA’s online video channel.

Have you ever wondered how rich Colion Noir is, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that thanks to his successful career, Colion certainly counts his net worth at over $800,000, accumulated over just the last few years.

Colion Noir’s Net Worth $800,000

Noir is a son of a registered nurse and an executive chef. He matriculated from high school in Houston, and then enrolled at the University of Huston where he majored in political science, and then earned a law degree from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

Colion, now a weapon enthusiast, grew up hesitant to admit he liked guns because they were frowned upon in his middle-class neighborhood, but after his first visit to the shooting range, he started researching guns. Soon he joined the NRA and started collecting firearms. He bought about half a dozen guns (his collection includes a Glock 17 handgun and a customized AR-15 rifle ). Noir frequently points out that he, a young African-American, does not really fit the stereotype of NRA’s members, but still he has emerged as a dynamic unexpected NRA persona. Colion has been criticized by some in the black community for apparently selling-out to the white pro-gun establishment. He himself dismisses these claims, pointing out that his entire identity as a black man cannot be based on his ownership of guns, and furthermore, he points out other black historical figures (Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King) to have been gun advocates before him.

NRA signed charismatic Colion to represent the black minority among American gun owners, while NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam has stated that they didn’t choose Colion for his race and that he is able to relate to a variety of people when he speaks.

Colion has started his YouTube channel in 2011, posting videos of himself critiquing guns and accessories, but soon he started to tackle the politics, pop culture, mass shootings, gun control campaigns and proposed assault weapon bans. As of October 20017, Colion’s You-Tube channel has over 550.000 subscribers. His videos are apparently deemed funny, smart and edgy, and he has totaled over 69 million views. Some of his most viewed videos are “Black Men Shouldn’t Own Guns”, “Why You Shouldn’t Get into Guns”, “Does Strength Make You a Better Shooter on NOIR”, “Gun Free Zones Don’t Work”, among many others, which have only increased his popularity and net worth.

Regarding his personal life, Colion reads fashion blogs and enjoys dressing stylishly. He loves gadgets, drives a sports car and a truck, and has a metal candy dish full of bullets. He has said that his weapons of choice are his Bible, kindness, and AR-15, as God said he can have more than one weapon.
When it comes to his love life, no reliable info is available in the media about Colion’s relationships.

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