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Clarence Avant Net Worth



Clarence Avant's Net Worth as of 2024
$10 Million

Clarence Alexander Avant was born on 25 February 1931, in Climax, North Carolina USA, and is a film producer, entrepreneur, and music executive, best known for being called the “Godfather of Black Music”, responsible for creating joint ventures between African-American artists and major record labels. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Clarence Avant? As of mid-2017, sources estimate a net worth that is at $10 million, mostly earned through a successful career in the music industry. He has helped produce numerous projects, and worked with several major record labels. He founded Avant Garde Broadcasting and all of his achievements have ensured the position of his wealth.

Clarence Avant Net Worth $10 million

Clarence attended Dudley High School for two years and then moved to New Jersey in 1947, after which he worked as a stock clerk for Macy’s. In the 1950s, he found opportunity in the music industry when he became part of Teddy P’s Lounge as a manager. He was mentored by Joseph G. Joe Glaser who was the founder of the Associated Booking Corporation, and the Consolidated Booking Corporation. Later on, Clarence would start managing singers such as Tom Wilson, Sarah Vaughan and Little Willie John, and also Lalo Schifrin and Jimmy Smith.

In 1967, Avant helped incorporate Venture Records Inc. which would lead to the first successful venture between an African-American artist and a major record company. The company was run by William “Mickey” Stevenson, and Avant had to move to Beverly Hills to work for the company, for two years until MGM Records shut the label down. Despite that, he earned a good salary and his net worth increased. He became an associate producer and started several stage projects, including in the same year founding Sussex Records in Los Angeles, and it would run for six years until shut down by the IRS. During the run of Sussex, they had artists such as Bill Withers and Dennis Coffey, but there was controversy that the company had ripped-off several artists by not paying royalties.

In 1971 Clarence founded Avant Garde Broadcasting, Inc. and would also buy an FM radio station in Los Angeles, the first owned by an African-American. The company, however, never really became profitable and was forced into bankruptcy in 1975. Afterwards, he continued with other projects such as working with Paramount Pictures for “Save the Children”. He was rewarded by the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences the Trustees Award in 2008. In 2016, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame thanks to his contributions to the recording industry.

For his personal life, it is known that Avant married Jacqueline Alberta Gray in 1967 and they have a son and a daughter. Jacqueline served on the board of directors of the UCLA International Student Center, and was also the entertainment chairman of the NOW benefit auction and NOW membership.

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Paul Heyman Net Worth



Paul Heyman was born on 11 September 1965, in Westchester County, New York City USA, and is an entertainment producer, performer, marketing guru, and a businessman. In particular, he is a vital member of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (a.k.a. the WWE). Heyman’s versatility has made a great impact on his net worth.

So just how rich is Paul Heyman? The latest information from authoritative sources as of mid-2016, estimates that Paul’s net worth is over $10 million, accumulated during his working life now spanning 30 years.

Paul Heyman’s Net Worth $10 Million

Paul was born into the Jewish family of personal injury attorney Richard, and Sulamita Heyman, actually a holocaust survivor. At 11 he started his first business attempt, selling celebrity and sports memorabilia. His educational background comes from Suny Purchase, New York, and Westchester Community College, where he was also employed as a radio station host and later a producer, and was famous/notorious even then for his bold, controversial and opinionated statements.While still a teenager, Heyman hustled his way as a photo journalist into a World Wide Wrestling Federation event at Madison Square Garden, and was paid by the company for several photos he had taken. This is considered as a first step into his later career, and which talent he expanded into the creation of a wrestling magazine “The Wrestling Times Magazine, and wrote for  wrestling publications such as “Pro Wrestling Illustrated”.

Paul then successively worked for Capitol Wrestling Corporation, Championship Wrestling from Florida, Jim Crockett Promotions, World Championship Wrestling, and Extreme Championship Wrestling, in various guises including promoter, producer, trainer, and manager, and then with World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as a commentator and broadcaster from the turn of the century. Additionally, he is also the manager of such famous wrestlers as Brock Lesnar and a group of wrestlers called Paul Heyman Guys. The training career income is considered to be one of the main flows into Heyman’s account as well.

Paul Heyman pursues a separate career as a businessman as well, as he has also co-founded and co-owns a branding and advertising marketing firm The Looking4Larry Agency, based in New York City. The company is mostly known for its activities in viral video production as well as social media marketing. Heyman employed award winning NYC ad executive Mitchell K. Stuart of HQ-Creative Services and their very first client was EA Sports. After successful viral campaigns with EA, The Looking4Larry Agency became the agency of record for THQ video games, where Heyman and Stuart wrote, directed, and produced viral videos for THQ games such as All Stars, WWE ’12, and WWE ’13.

Heyman also launched a multimedia project called The Heyman Hustle, featuring a video of him interacting with celebrities from several areas of entertainment on the streets of New York City, and articles about professional wrestling.

Additionally, Heyman was cast by producer Michael Tadross as “Gino” in the film adaptation of the off-Broadway show “Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding”, and Heyman also made a cameo appearance in the WWE Studios film, “Countdown”.

In his personal life, Paul Heyman married Maria, but is reputed to be raising their two children as a single father. There is little other private information available to the media.

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Tony Dow Net Worth



Tony Lee Dow was born on 13 April 1945 in Hollywood, California USA. He is a well-known person in the Hollywood movie industry because of his long-lasting involvement as a film producer, director and an actor.

So how rich is Tony Dow? Sources estimate his current net worth to be $4 million. Most of it he has accumulated by working as a professional Hollywood actor for more than 50 years.

Tony Dow Net Worth $4 Million

Tony Dow’s interest in the film industry might have been related to the fact that his mother, Muriel Virginia Dow, was a stunt woman and a film double at the time Tony was a child and teenager. However, Tony undoubtedly had some acting talent which was proven when he managed to win the audition for a role in the sitcom “Leave It to Beaver” in 1957, despite having no experience in acting at that time. This was the role that had perhaps the most influence in building a solid foundation to Tony Dow’s acting career, even though he received only one award – Young Artist Award in nomination of “Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award” in 1988, after working in the show for six years. It was also a solid start to his net worth.

In the next few years after “Leave It to Beaver”, Tony appeared in several episodes of other TV shows, such as the sitcom “My Three Sons” (in 1964), drama series “Mr. Novak” (between 1963 and 1965) and teen soap opera “Never Too Young” (in 1965). Tony continued working in television up until the late 90s and his net worth continued to grow, for example in 1975 he starred in the popular medical TV drama “General Hospital”.

While Tony Dow is mostly known as a television actor, he has appeared in a few films during his career, including the television horror film “Death Scream” in 1975, comedy film “The Kentucky Fried Movie” in 1977, television comedy film “High School USA” in 1983, comedy “Back to the Beach” and comedy film “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” in 2003.

Acting aside, Tony Dow is also known as a producer, director and visual effects specialist, especially in the science fiction genre, and these involvements have undoubtedly contributed to building up his net worth. Tony contributed to the visual effects of the 1996 season of the phenomenal British science fiction TV series “Doctor Who”, and a few episodes of the space opera TV series “Babylon 5”. He also directed an episode of the American science fiction TV series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” in 1998.

Interestingly though, some people might also recognize Tony Dow as a sculptor who is well known for his brilliant abstract pieces depicting surreal figures.

In his personal life, Tony Dow has never been married and has no children. He is known to have suffered from depression during some periods of his life, which on a positive note has encouraged him to participate in self-help videos, including the production “Beating the Blues” (1998). However, the negative effect is that Tony hasn’t participated as an actor in any film since 2003.

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