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May 8, 2023
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Christina Tosi, born in 1981, is an American chef, cookbook author, and mentor, best known for her dessert shop Momofuku Milk Bar and for being one of the judges in the hit cooking show competition “MasterChef”.

So how much is Tosi’s net worth? As of early 2016, it is reported to be over $1 million, gained mostly from her own business, cookbook sales and television show.

Christina Tosi Net Worth $1 Million Dollars

Born in Ohio, Tosi comes from an Italian family. Growing up in Springfield, Virginia, she was a student of University of Virginia taking a degree in electrical engineering, but after one year she flew to Florence, Italy to try being a translator. She later came back to Virginia and transferred to James Madison University. Right after graduation, she left her hometown and relocated to New York to join the pastry arts program of the French Culinary Institute.

Tosi worked with high profile restaurants like the “Bouley” and “WD-50” after graduation, which increased her net worth and exposed her to great mentors, but decided to quit and take a different route with her career. Subsequently, David Chang asked her to create a food safety plan for his company “Momofuku”; Chang had some troubles using his Cryovac machine, and Tosi was the person for the job, having used the same machine back in “WD-50”. From writing the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plan for Chang, she eventually shared her passion of making sweets, and made desserts for his restaurants even though they didn’t actually serve desserts.

When Chang decided to expand his restaurant “Momofuku”, Tosi suggested a dessert bar, and he allowed her to plan the entire thing. In 2008, Tosi created “Momofuku-Milk Bar”, serving one-of-a-kind desserts, serving signature items like “cereal milk ice cream”, “compost cookies”, and “crack pie”. Her trademark desserts at the restaurant made her a success in the food industry, and substantially increased her wealth.

Tosi’s “Milk Bar” now has eight locations, six in New York, one in Toronto and one in Washington DC. Her business continues to gain success, offering unique desserts, wedding cakes and their own line of baking mixes.

Three years after her restaurant was established, in 2011 Tosi wrote a cookbook entitled “Momofuku Milk Bar” which contains recipes from her restaurant. She followed it up with another cookbook in 2015 entitled “Milkbar”. The two books became huge successes because of Tosi’s easy and approachable writing style and techniques, and increased her net worth tremendously.

In 2015, Tosi became part of the hit television show “MasterChef”, a cooking show competition among non-professional or home cooks. Tosi became a judge and mentor along with renowned chefs Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot, replacing previous judge Joe Bastianich. Her exposure on the reality show made her a household name, and certainly helped to increase her wealth. Today, Tosi is a two-time James Beard award winner, and will be returning in the seventh season of “MasterChef”.

In terms of her personal life, little is known except that Tosi professes to be still single.

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