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April 18, 2024
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Christina Crawford was born on the 11th June 1939, in Los Angeles, California USA, and is an actress, musician, and a writer, probably best known for her book “Mommy Dearest”, and small roles in such TV series and films as “The Secret Storm” (1968-1970), and “Wild In The Country” (1968), among others.

Have you ever wondered how rich Christina Crawford is, as of mid-2016? According to sources, it has been estimated that the overall size of Christina Crawford`s net worth is $5 million, an amount she accumulated through her successful career in the entertainment industry.

Christina Crawford Net Worth $5 Million

Christina`s parents are unknown, however, she was adopted by famous actress Joan Crawford, becoming one of her five adoptive children. Christine had a troubled relationship with Joan, which she later described in her book. When she was 10, Christine was sent to a boarding school Chadwick School, situated in Palos Verdes, California, alongside other celebrity children, however, Joan cut her out, due to her alleged misbehavior with other children. Afterwards, Christine spent several years at the catholic school Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. After matriculation she became a student at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, and eventually enrolled the at Neighborhood Playhouse in Manhattan, but also eventually graduated with a BA degree from UCLA.

Christina`s career began in the late 1950s, appearing in summer theaters in such productions as “Color on Sundays” (1958), “Dark Of The Moon”(1959), and “At Chrismastime”(1959), among others. She continued successfully into the 1960s, appearing in such productions as “The Moon Is Blue” (1960), and “Splendor In The Grass” (1961), which not only boosted her popularity, but also increased her net worth.

Thanks to her initial success on stage, she started auditioning for screen roles, and she earned her first film role as Ann in the film “Force Of Impulse” (1961), with J. Carroll Naish and Robert Alda in lead roles. The same year, she featured in the film “Wild In The Country” as Monica George, alongside the king of rock & roll, Elvis Presley and Hope Lange in lead roles. During the 1960s, Christina also starred in such films and TV series as “The Secret Storm” (1968-1969), as Joan Borman Kane, and “Faces” (1968). Before she put an end to her acting career in 1972, Christina appeared in several TV series, including “Medical Center” (1970), “Ironside” (1971), and “The Sixth Sense” (1972), which only added further to her net worth.

Following the death of her mother, Christina released a book entitled “Mommy Dearest” (1978), in which she describes her mother`s abusive behavior towards her. The book became a bestseller, and it certainly increased her net worth.

Furthermore, Christina then published four more books, including “Black Widow: A Novel” (1981), “Survivor” (1988), and “Daughters Of The Inquisition: Medieval Madness: Origin and Aftermath” (2003).

After her mother died, Christina retreated from the acting scene, and launched a business career, firstly by starting a bed and breakfast “Seven Springs Farms” in 1994, which ran until 1999. Afterwards, she started Seven Springs Press, through which she released a 20th anniversary edition of her book “Mommy Dearest”. Furthermore, she worked as a special events planner for the Coeur d’Alene Casino, which also added to her net worth.

When it comes to her personal life, Christine is married to Michael Brazzel, and has two marriages behind her. The first was with Harvey Medlinsky whom she met while working as a stage actress; they were married for two years, from 1966 until 1968. His second husband was David Koontz, a film producer; they were married from 1976 until 1982.

She has also been recognized as a philanthropist, starting the non-profit organization Benewah Human Rights Coalition in 2011.

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