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November 30, 2023
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ABC NEWS - CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR (Photo by Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images)

Christiane Amanpour was born on the 12th January 1958, in London, England. She is a British-Iranian (father) award-winning journalist and television host, probably best known as the Chief International Correspondent for CNN, and also a host of CNN International’s nightly interview program called “Amanpour” (2009-2015). Currently she works as ABC’s Global Affairs Anchor. Amanpour’s career started in 1983.

Have you ever wondered how rich Christiane Amanpour is, as of late 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Amanpour’s net worth is as high as $12.5 million, an amount earned through her successful career as a journalist. Her reported annual salary is $2 million.

Christiane Amanpour Net Worth $12.5 Million

Christiane Amanpour grew up in Tehran, Iran, where she went to the elementary school before the family moved to England, and she went to the Holy Cross Convent in Chalfont St. Peters, Buckinghamshire. Christiane continued her education at the New Hall School, in Chelmsford, Essex, and then moved to the US where she studied journalism at the University of Rhode Island’s Harrington School of Communication and Media, graduating with a BA in Journalism in 1983.

Almost immediately after her graduation, Amanpour got a job in CNN’s foreign desk in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1986 she covered the Gulf War, after which she was sent to Eastern Europe to report on the fall of the communism. Christiane also covered the Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990, and her skills helped her to move up and become appointed as a correspondent for CNN’s New York bureau. Amanpour worked as a reported on the Bosnian War, but her delivery was questioned for professional objectivity and bias towards the Bosnian Muslims. Regardless, her net worth was rising steadily.

Christiane served as the CNN’s chief international correspondent from 1992 to 2010, and also worked as an anchor of “Amanpour.” from 2009 to 2015. During her time at CNN, Amanpour interviewed numerous important figures, such as the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, French President Jacques Chirac, and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. Other celebrities who she conducted interviews with were Hillary Clinton, Moammar Gadhafi, and Angelina Jolie.

Christiane reported from many more of the world’s hotspots too, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Rwanda. From 1999 to 2005, she served as a correspondent for CBS “60 Minutes”, which only increased her net worth, but in October 2010, Amanpour decided to leave CNN for ABC, where she anchored “This Week” for two years, before in 2012 returning to CNN, and she is still working there at the moment.

Amanpour has made several on-screen film appearances too, including in “The Pink Panther 2” (2009) with Steve Martin, Jean Reno, and Emily Mortimer, and Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man 2” (2010) starring Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, and Gwyneth Paltrow. She also appeared in Stephen Daldry’s “Trash” (2014), and most recently, in Ben Stiller’s “Zoolander 2” (2016), no doubt adding somewhat to her net worth.

Regarding her personal life, Christiane Amanpour married James Rubin in 1998 and has a son named Darius John Rubin, born in 2000. Rubin is a former US Assistant Secretary of State, who currently works as an informal adviser to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President of the United States Barack Obama. After living in New York’s Manhattan Upper West Side, Amanpour and her family returned to London, where they are residing at the moment.

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