Chrissy Lampkin Net Worth

June 25, 2023
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Chrissy Lampkin is a designer and a reality TV star who has a net worth of 1 million dollars. Chrissy Lampkin’s net worth, as well as her popularity as a celebrity, has risen to such amount in the last couple years. She is best known from the VH1 reality television series called “Love and Hip-Hop” which shows the stories of women in the Hip Hop industry as well as girlfriends and exes of famous male Hip Hop artists. Later Chrissy Lampkin began her own show “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” in which she appears with her long time boyfriend and now fiancée rapper Mr. Jones. Chrissy Lampkin was born in 1968 in Harlem, New York and grew up there.

Chrissy Lampkin Net Worth $1 Million

Chrissy is of African-American and Cuban origin, and had a rather difficult childhood as her parents were drug addicts and because of that the girl was mainly raised by her grandmother. Chrissy was known for her adventures with notorious “bad guys” of the area, even some known criminals such as Alpo Martinez and Rich Porter, among others. Probably her most famous partner was rapper Jay-Z with whom Chrissy had sexual relations 20 years ago when she was 23 years old. But all affairs ended when she met rapper Jim Jones. They have been together for years now and currently are engaged.

With the help of her boyfriend Jim Jones, Chrissy began her career as a designer when she realized her passion for design by creating costumes for Jim as well as putting her hand on his record studio. This led Chrissy Lampkin to becoming a successful interior designer, and growing her net worth. However, what turned Chrissy into a well known celebrity was her participation on the show “Love and Hip-Hop”. Of course, she was cast for the show because she was a girlfriend of rapper Jim Jones. Getting on the show was a big success for Chrissy since it became number one rated show on the channel VH1.

Chrissy Lampkin’s net worth began to rise rapidly as she was paid 100.000 dollars for season one and for season two her salary reached 300.000 dollars. Chrissy turned out to be such a hit that in 2012 she was given her own spin-off on the show which focused on the story of Chrissy and Jim Jones. This opportunity happened after Jim Jones finally proposed to his girlfriend and that happened right there on the show.

Chrissy Lampkin is earning a lot of money now and her net worth is likely to grow even more. However, Lampkin is known for admitting being spoiled by her boyfriend’s money, too. He is the one who has been providing Chrissy with a luxurious lifestyle and she is known to talk about it a lot in public. One of the expensive presents that she has received from Jim Jones is an Audi R8, the same car that could have been seen in Iron Man2. That shows how rich Chrissy Lampkin is.

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