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April 18, 2024
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Who is Chloe Sonnenfeld?

Chloe Sonnenfeld is an actress, her most notable roles include the movies “RV” and “Approaching Normal”, but she’s perhaps best recognized as the daughter of the famous filmmaker, actor and TV director Barry Sonnenfeld, known for the “Men in Black” trilogy. She was born under the Zodiac sign Taurus on 19 May 1993, in New York City, USA, so as of 2021, Chloe is 28 years old and holds American nationality, but currently resides in Canada.

Early Life and Family

Chloe was born into a Jewish family connected to the entertainment industry.

Not only is her father involved in films, but her mother, Susan Ringo, is also a producer and an actress, best known for her works on “Enchanted”, “Addams Family Values”, and “Get Shorty”.

Regarding her education, in 2011 she matriculated from the private boarding and day George School, located in Newton, Pennsylvania. It remains a mystery whether she pursued an academic degree.


Chloe began her career when very young, starring in the movies her father directed. At the age of four, she had a minor role as an alien in the first installment of the sci-fi action /comedy blockbuster “Men in Black”. Her next roles came in 2002 when she portrayed a kid on the scooter in the crime/comedy film “Big Trouble”, and a young girl in the second installment entitled “Men in Black II”.


In 2006 Chloe landed the role of Moon Gornicke in the adventure/comedy movie “RV”, opposite Robin Williams, Joana Levesque known as Jojo, and Josh Hutcherson. The film follows a dysfunctional family who goes on a trip in an RV, and ends up in a bizarre community of campers. Despite receiving generally unfavorable reviews and criticism aimed at the unoriginality and mediocrity of the plot, it performed well at the box office, grossing $87 million against a $50 million budget.

Chloe then took a break from movies during the following period, and her next role came in 2012, post-matriculation, when she scooped a minor part in the third installment “Men in Black 3”.

The following year, she was cast as Cara in the comedy/drama movie “Approaching Normal”, sharing the stage with Hailey Beliveau, Phil Berry, and Wendy Feign.

In 2016, Chloe switched from her usual roles and provided additional cat voices in the comedy/ drama movie “Nine Lives”, also starring Jennifer Garner, Kevin Spacey and Robbie Amell. This movie, as well as her father’s previous project, performed well at the box office, despite receiving negative reviews and a hail of criticism.

During the same year, Chloe portrayed Madison in the short drama film “Extended Release”, and served as an assistant producer, In 2017 she worked in the costume and wardrobe department for the black/comedy-drama series Netflix project “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.


In 2019, she was nominated for an Emmy’s Creative Arts Award for her work on the TV series “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

What is she doing now?

Judging from her Instagram account, Chloe is mostly accompanying her father to various events.

It is quite possible that she is working in the entertainment business, but not as an actress but rather behind the scenes, editing, producing, and designing costumes. She also creates custom-made clothing pieces and accessories.

Personal life

While her dating history is a mystery, on 31 January 2021, she became engaged to Peter Brunette, whom she has dated since 2014. She posted a photo to her Instagram account with a funny caption: ’She said I Bru(nette)I beg someone to come up with a better hashtag.’

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Is she active on social media?

Her Instagram account has nearly 2,000 followers, but it appears that she doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter or TikTok.

What is her net worth?

Given that she has been out of the limelight for years and her last acting role was in 2016, Chloe Sonnenfeld’s current net worth isestimated at over $1000,000. On the other hand, her father’s wealth has been estimated at $80 million, which he’s earned through his career as a filmmaker and director.

Physical stats and Hobbies

Chloe’s height and weight are unknown. Her natural hair is brown, further adorned with blue eyes. She is an avid animal lover, and she has a dog named Crosby. In her free time, she likes to travel, hike, and walk her dog. Chloe even launched an Instagram page for her dog.


Briefly about Barry Sonnenfeld

New York City native, Barry Sonnenfeld, started his career working on pornographic movies before moving on to high-budget and critically acclaimed Hollywood movies. In 1892 he served as a director of photography for the Oscar-nominated documentary film “In Our Water”. Two years later, he was hired as a cinematographer for another film entitled “Blood Sample”, which marked the beginning of his collaboration with the Cohen brothers. He then worked on several successful movies such as “Raising Arizona”, “Miller’s Crossing”, and “Throw Mamma from the Train”. His first job as a director from Paramount Pictures came in 1991, working on the critically acclaimed and commercially successful black comedy “The Addams Family”.

After a couple of less successful projects, he directed the gangster comedy movie “Get Shorty”, starring John Travolta, Gene Hackman, and Rene Russo – Travolta’s performance in the film garnered the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. Adhering to the unique styles of Tim Burton and the Cohen brothers, Barry developed specific techniques, which set his movies apart from the rest of cinematography, such as unusual camera angles and offbeat dialogues. In 1997, he landed his most notable and world-renowned project, “Men in Black”, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The movie proved to be a blockbuster, winning the heart of fans all over the world, smashing at the box office, and scooping critical acclaim.


After having obtained such success with the first installment, he directed the following two, which came out in 2002 and 2012.  Berry is also known for directing the Western steampunk movie “Wild Wild West” (1999), which starred Will Smith and other popular actors such as Selma Hayek and Kevin Kline. However, unlike his other project, this proved to be a major flop, both commercially and critically.

Besides movies, he’s also worked on several other projects for TV, taking various roles as a director, producer, or actor, including “Noted from the Underbelly, “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, and “The Tick”.

In 2008, he garnered the Primetime Emmy Award for directing the comedy series “Pushing Daisies”. In 2020 he published the memoir entitled “Berry Sonnenfeld: Call Your Mother: Memoirs of a Neurotic Filmmaker”.

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