Chaz Dean Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Chaz Dean is a celebrity hairstylist and photographer, born in Vermont, USA. He is best known as the founder of WEN cosmetics, a revolutionary line of hair products. He has had numerous famous names as his clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Alyssa Milano and Charlize Theron. Chaz is also well recognized for his appearances on the reality show “Flipping Out”.

Have you ever wondered how rich Chaz Dean is? According to sources it is estimated that his overall net worth is 10 million dollars. Chaz earned this impressive net worth mostly single handedly by using his talent in cosmetology and founding his own salon. Dean’s establishment of WEN cosmetics, significantly increased his net worth, which continues to grow.


Chaz Dean Net Worth $10 Million

Dean was born in Vermont, but grew up in multiple states of the US, after he was adopted as a baby, including New Jersey, Arizona, Pennsylvania and California. These frequent changes left their mark on Chaz, as he developed a passion for visual arts, so his later decision to engage in photography was of no surprise. He first attended photography courses in Phoenix and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career. Upon his arrival to L.A. the size and the span of possibilities in this city, aimed him towards a new occupation, so he enrolled a cosmetology school. After graduation his primal goal was to work at Vidal Sassoon, but when he realized they didn’t offer him the possibility to entirely express his abilities, he started working for a salon that allowed him to do so. During the 1980s he was asked to help in development of a new product line, which eventually became a big success and awoke Dean’s interest in developing products. This led to him managing a salon in Bel Air, California and when it was put up for sale due to its financial struggles, Chaz bought it and renamed it to “Chaz Dean Salon”. It was the beginning of his successful career as an independent hairstylist.

During the 1990s, Dean decided to search for a new location for himself, and moved to Hollywood, where he dedicated to further advancement of the “Chaz Dean Studio and Lifestyle” bungalow, continuing to add to his net worth. Throughout his progress and all the changes, his clientele followed him, proving his success and talent as a hairstylist and supporting his philosophy of nourishing and maintaining the hair. Among many others, Lisa Edelstein, Charlize Theron, Ben Foster and Nicollette Sheridan are all loyal fans and clients of Chaz Dean.

Although he has developed a successful career as a hairstylist, Dean continues to do photography, often donating his works to charity events. Known for his love for people and helping others, Dean commonly participates in charitable functions and donations, and hosts fashion shows and other events in his salon. Recently he hosted an Oscar Retreat for nominees, presenters and guests, Emmy Style Lounge and MTV Style Lounge for the MTV Movie Awards, which all expanded his net worth. Chaz appeared in the Emmy nominated American reality show, “Flipping Out” which stars Jeff Lewis who worked on Dean’s three-part bungalow in Season 3.

Chaz Dean is an active contributor to the fight against pediatric AIDS and the founder of “Keep a Child Alive” organization. He is known as an active supporter of organizations that deal with cancer and AIDS combat and awareness. In his free time, Dean likes to enjoy yoga, pilates, cooking and hiking with his dogs.

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