Bernie Kosar Net Worth

April 29, 2023
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Bernard Joseph Kosar, Jr. is a Youngstown, Ohio-born former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League(NFL). Born on 25 November 1963, Bernie Kosar is of Hungarian descent. One of the most popular NFL players who played for teams like Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, Bernie was an active player in the NFL from 1985 until 1996.

A well-known name in NFL, one may wonder how rich is Bernie Kosar? As estimated by sources, Bernie counts his net worth at an amount of $100,000 in early 2016. Obviously, his involvement in the NFL as a quarterback for the eleven years of his professional life has been the most significant in amassing his present wealth.

Bernie Kosar Net Worth $100,000

Bernie was raised in Boardman, Ohio and attended Boardman High School where he played American Football as well as baseball. At the time he was honored by Parade magazine as it listed him in All-American as a senior for the season of 1982. He continued playing football at collegiate level as he attended the University of Miami. His athletic skills grew more and more during college, as during his time his team won Miami’s first national championship in 1983. For his performance in the game, Kosar was honored with the Orange Bowl MVP.

Before graduating from the University, Bernie was signed by Cleveland Browns to play in the NFL. During his career, he was known for his friendliness with fans and his notably accurate throws. He spent his first nine years in NFL as a member of the Cleveland Browns between 1985 and 1993, during which time he managed to win a spot at the Pro Bowl in 1987, and was also included in UPI Second-Team All-AFC.

Bernie also became a Super Bowl (XXVIII) Champion while playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 1993, as later in his career, Bernie was signed by the Dallas Cowboys for one year and the contract was valued $1 million, as number one quarterback Troy Aikman suffered injuries. Although Bernie played very well for the team, with Aikman fit he was signed as a back- up quarterback player for Dan Marino by the Miami Dolphins, where he ended his professional career after two years.

Since retiring from football in 1996, Bernie has been involved in various business ventures, and he is still involved in football, currently serving as a consultant for the Cleveland Browns. He was formerly a part of minor league team the Las Vegas/Cleveland Gladiators. Being a part of all these reputable teams for more than eleven years of his life has definitely shown some significance in adding to Bernie’s net worth over the years.

Subsequent poor business decision saw Kosar’s businesses declared bankrupt in 2010, and he then took part in the documentary “Broke’ on ESPN in 2013, which discusses naive business involvements of former sportsmen and women.

Regarding his personal life, 52 year-old Bernie now leads his life as a divorcee and a father of four children; he was formerly married to Babette Kosar(1990-2007). A catholic by religion, Bernie currently suffers from chronic traumatic encephalopathy which he developed when he was active as a professional football player. Bernie now enjoys his wealth at an amount of $100,000 which it caters to his daily life.

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