Charlie Lenehan Net Worth

March 11, 2023
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Charlie Lenehan was born on 27 October 1998, in Gloucestershire, England and is best known as an English singer, half of the duo Bars and Melody, also known as B.A.M. who competed in ‘’Britain’s Got Talent’’, and  finished in third place.

So just how rich is Charlie Lenehan, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this English singer has a net worth of over $2 million with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned field.

Charlie Lenehan Net Worth $2 Million

Charlie grew up in a family of five, living with his mother Karen, step-father and three siblings. His talents were showing from a young age, and his teachers asked him to participate in the school orchestra, in which he had a chance to develop his skills furthermore. After that, Lenehan started uploading onto the internet video clips of himself singing, and attracted more attention from the audience. Using internet, he met another online singer, Leondre Devries and that was the major step in both of their careers, as the two of them started collaborating and went on to form Bars and Melody, with Charlie being the ‘’Melody’’ of the duo. They went on to compete in the prominent English TV series ‘’Britain’s Got Talent’’ during its eighth season in 2014. Their talent was recognized by the judges of the show, as one of them, Simon Cowell, pressed the so-called ‘’ golden buzzer’’, which meant that they were immediately sent into the semi-finale. The duo eventually ended up in third place by the end of the competition, and as they participated in such a prominent show, they gained fame and made fans.

After ‘’Britain’s Got Talent’’, Charlie and his colleague signed a deal with Syco, Simon Cowell’s recording house, and with them released ‘’Hopeful’’, their debut single in July 2014. The song achieved success on charts including fifth place on the UK Singles Chart, and the music video for their album was released on YouTube the same year. As a part of their promotion, the duo appeared on television, in series such as ‘’Good Morning Britain’’ and ‘’This Morning’’. They also made their first tour, promoting ‘’Hopeful’’, and went on to make ‘’Shining Star’’ and later on ‘’Keep Smiling’’, with the latter being released in February 2015, and peaking in 43rd place of the Official Charts Company in Scotland. Their net worth was rising steadily.

In 2016 they collaborated with Kiera Weathers, and toured five English cities with her, and after that released ‘’Teen Spirit’’ EP, consisting of five tracks including ‘’Turn It Up’’ and ‘’No Way’’. In 2017, the duo released the album ‘’ Never Give Up’’, which was their second Japanese album. Generally speaking, one theme that is often seen in their songs in the anti-bullying theme and besides that, they are a part of the Princess Diana Anti-Bullying Programme.

When it comes to Charlie’s private life, aged 19 there have been several rumors about his relationship status, including dating Chloe Lindsay, but he is reportedly still single as of today. He is active on social media websites such as Instagram, on which he has more than 390,000 followers. In 2016, he was sued by his father, who claimed that Charlie stole one of the songs he wrote.

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