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March 2, 2024
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Carsten Charles Sabathia, Jr. was born on 21 July 1980, in Vallejo, California USA, and is known as one of the highest paid pitchers in Major League Baseball(MLB) History, previously holding the record from 2009-2013 with a $161 million, seven-year contract, which significantly increased his net worth. He is also one of the League’s most durable pitchers, continuously breaking records and helping teams to championships.

How rich is CC Sabathia? Sources tell us that his net worth is at $60 million, the majority of this is due to the salary he receives playing baseball, and fom endorsements related to his profile.

CC Sabathia Net Worth $60 Million

CC started his athletic career while attending Vallejo High School, where he played baseball, basketball, and football as a teenager. In football, he played as a tight end and was even offered scholarships by UCLA and the University of Hawaii. Sabathia played baseball during summer in the MLB youth program, and his great record helped him become one of the top prospects for the 1998 draft, in which he was drafted as the 20th overall pick by the Cleveland Indians during the first round. Two years later he was selected for the United States Olympic Team Roster and was also named the Indians’ 2000 Minor League Player of the Year.

In 2001 he was the youngest player to join the Major League. He finished the year with a great record, being voted second as the American League Rookie of the Year. CC signed a four-year $9.5 million contract that started his rise in net worth, and subsequently played for the Indians for his first seven years, being selected for the American League All-Star team three times. By 2006, he was one of the leaders of MLB, earning his 1,000th career strikeout, pitching at an average of 94.7 miles per hour and specializing in fastball pitches. His prowess would eventually earn him the Players Choice for Outstanding AL Pitcher and becoming the second Indian ever to receive the Cy Young Award. Sabathia led his team to the American League Championship Series, where they succumbed to the Boston Red Sox. However, after one more year of good statistics and performances, Cleveland decided that it was time to rebuild, and CC was traded before his final year of contract to the Milwaukee Brewers.

After saying goodbye to his previous team and home, CC went on towards another great year in 2008, helping the Brewers reach a Wild Card berth for the first time since 1982. They would eventually lose to the Philadelphia Phillies. After his one-year contract, he went on to the free agency and received an offer to play for the New York Yankees.

CC’s offer of $161 million for a seven-year contract was considered the largest contract ever offered, up to 2013. 2009 became the first year in which he won championship ring. For the next few years he would continue playing at peak level, although hindered by consistent injuries to his knee. He stated that he loved playing for the Yankees and that his family loved living near New York, so he opted to stay with the team. 2014 became a very difficult year for Sabathia as injuries to his knee barely allowed him any play for the year. Despite having these consistent injuries, he still helped the team reach a berth for the 2015 American League Wild Card Game.

CC Sabathia has been married to Amber since 2003, and they have four children. The family lives in Alpine, New Jersey. He spends a lot of time doing charity work, supporting causes like the PitCChin Foundation and Crutches4Kids. He also engages in a lot of sponsorship and endorsement work, which aids his net worth.

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