Casey Neistat Net Worth

March 12, 2023
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Casey Owen Neistat was born on the 25th March 1981, in New London, Connecticut USA, and although best known as a film producer, he has also recently started his own YouTube channel, which has influenced both his fame and net worth. His career has been active since 2003.

Have you ever wondered how rich Casey Neistat is? According to sources it is estimated that Casey`s net worth is $15 million, an amount acquired through his career as a film director and producer. For example, he and his brother, Van, have created their own TV series “The Neistat Brother”, which is aired on HBO. During his successful career as a director and producer, Casey has won the John Cassavetes Award at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards for his production of the film “Daddy Long-Legs”.

Casey Neistat Net Worth $15 Million

Casey attended Ledyard High School in New London, however, he didn’t matriculate as he quit in the 10th grade and never returned, one reason being that he became a father at 17 years of age, living in a trailer with the son’s mother until he was 20. In 2001, Casey moved to New York, but before he had a chance to prove himself as a film director, he worked some menial jobs, including bike messenger and dishwasher.

Casey and his brother Van, met with contemporary artist Tom Sachs, and soon after they started working with him, making a series of films about artists sculptures among other projects. His big breakthrough happened in 2003, when he filmed a short, three-minute video entitled “iPod`s Dirty Secret”, which criticized Apple`s poor battery replacement program for the iPod. The film was featured worldwide, and eventually brought Casey fame, as it was enthusiastically welcomed by consumers. In 2004, Casey and his brother were filming 15-minute science videos, which were eventually featured in Creative Mind`s 59th Minute video. His net worth was now well established.

In 2008, he and his brother signed a deal with HBO for an eight episode TV series – “The Neistat Brothers” – which earned them almost $2 million, however, they had to share this amount with their colleague Tom Scott. The show had its premiere in 2010, and was well accepted by the public. From this premier, Casey`s career has only gone upwards, becoming more involved in television and film directing and producing. It all culminated with the production of the film “Daddy Longlegs”, for which he was rewarded with a John Cassavetes Award, and a rise in his net worth.

Adding to his fame, and eventually his net worth, Casey started his own YouTube channel in 2010. As of this day he has published over 90 short videos which are constantly gaining more views – it is reported that his video channel now has over a million subscribers, and some of his most popular videos including “Make it Count”, “Bike Lanes” and “The Devil`s Pool” among others, have attracted over five billion viewings.

During his career he has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Google and Mercedes-Benz, directing television commercials for them. He has also created his own social network – “Beme Inc.” – which serves as a video-sharing website, on which users can share their own short videos to a length of four seconds. It is without a doubt that the profit from the social network also benefits his total net worth.

Regarding Casey Neistat`s personal life, other than his son, Owen, Casey has one more child, a daughter, with his wife, Candice Pool, who he married in 2013. Casey is also a proficient athlete., having competed in the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon four times so far, with the best time being a creditable 11 hours and 10 minutes. The family lives in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

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