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November 27, 2023
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Cary Grant was a Bristol-born British-American actor born as Archibald Alexander Leach. A leading personality in Hollywood when it comes to classic movies, Cary is perhaps most recognized for his roles in movies “The Awful Truth”, “Suspicion”, “To Catch A Thief” and several more. Born on 18 Jan 1904, Cary was active in the field of entertainment from 1932 until his retirement in 1966. He died from a stroke on 29th November 1986.

A legendary actor of Hollywood who is still considered as one of the most important personalities in the history of cinema, one may wonder what was his net worth at the time of his death? As estimated by sources, Cary Grant’s net worth at the time of his passing was $10 million taking inflation into account. This goes without saying that he was able to amass such wealth being one of the most famous and successful personalities in Hollywood during his career of over 30 years.

Cary Grant Net Worth $10 million

Raised in Horfield, Bristol, Grant was educated at Bishop Road Primary School and Fairfield Grammar School. As a child, he was very attracted towards theatre, and when he was only six years old, he started performing with a troupe known as “The Penders”. Initially, Cary became famous in vaudeville, a theatrical genre of variety entertainment. Later, he took his talent to Hollywood and began appearing in movies, debuting in the 1932 movie “This Is The Night”. Cary’s popularity rose through his roles in romantic comedy movies like “Bringing Up Baby” and “The Philadelphia Story” among others. In the movie “None But The Lonely Heart”, Cary worked with Ethel Barrymore and Barry Fitzgerald among other actors. He also worked with famous actors Ann Sheridan and Marion Marshall in the movie “I Was A Male War Bride”, and moreover, he was particularly famous for working with one of the most sought-after directors of his time, Alfred Hitchcock in his movies “Suspicion” and “North By Northwest” among numerous others. Obviously, being a part of such popular movies had a very significant influence on Cary’s net worth over the years.

Cary Grant is known as the cornerstone of classic Hollywood romantic movies. Named as the second greatest male star after Humphrey Bogart in Golden Age Hollywood cinema by the American Film Institute, latterly Cary worked with Audrey Hepburn in the 1963 movie “Charade”, and decided to retire from movie-making in 1966, having appeared in over 70 films. During his career, Cary was nominated five times at Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor. He was also nominated twice for Academy Awards for his roles in the movies “Penny Serenade” and “None But The Lonely Heart”. In 1970, Grant was presented with an Honorary Oscar by Frank Sinatra and was again rewarded with Kennedy Center Honors in 1981.

Regarding his personal life, Grant was married for five times, with actress Virginia Cherrill for two years in London in the mid-’30s; to Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton(1942-45); a co-star Betsy Drake(1949-62); actress Dyan Cannon(1965-68) with whom he had his only child, Jennifer, who is now a famous actress in Hollywood. Finally he married British PR agent Barbara Harris – 47 years younger – in 1981. The legendary actor died in 1986, suffering a massive stroke while preparing for a stage appearance, and refusing to be revived.

Apart from acting, Grant sat on the board of MGM, an American media company and represented numerous businesses including cosmetics firm Faberge.

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